Third Photographic Competition 2014 – Result

The subject was William Shakespeare and anything that inspired you from his life, his works or his many famous quotations. The closing date was 23rd April 2014. For the avoidance of doubt, my choice of closing date was always intended to be a celebration of the 450th anniversary of his birth on or around 23rd April 1564.

Thank you for the entries.

Janus was his dependable self, standing like a greyhound ‘in the slips, straining upon the start.’ (Henry V Act III Scene 1) He set the game afoot with two floral photos bearing apposite quotations.

The other entries are here:-

Enter LW – ‘There is much care and valour in this Welshman’ (ibid Act VI Scene 1). An evocative photo of the epitaph and the ‘Venus and Adonis’ quote works so well.

He was pursued by Araminta, our own Portia. With her Henley on Thames photo, she stands ‘as fair as any comer I have look’d on yet for my affection.’ (Merchant of Venice Act II Scene 1). I know it’s HoT because I passed through there in 2008 and saw the shop concerned.

‘I speak of Africa and golden joys.’ (Henry IV Part II Act V Scene III). As ever, Soutie gave full value. It is clear from more recent posts that he is not the greatest fan of the ‘Bored’ but he has, at least, been there and done ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Thanks again for the entries. Screwing my ‘courage to the sticking place’ (The Scottish Play Act 1 Scene VII), I have a clear winner.

Well done, LW. Over to you.

7 thoughts on “Third Photographic Competition 2014 – Result”

  1. My favourite quote.

    “I came, I saw, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!” Julius Caesar Asterix in Britain.


  2. Morning JM

    Well then, that was hard work, I read the article, talk about a pain in the bahookie!

    I googled napper, there’s some pretty surprising definitions there beside the one intended by the Asterix translator.

  3. Well done, LW, and thank you for the competition, and the feed back, Mr Mackie.

    Yes indeed, the building is in Henley on Thames.

  4. Morning Mr Mackie, Morning all. Sorry for the delayed response, been busier than a one armed paperhanger, boat stuff, (more about which later).

    I am delighted to be so chosen. I’m not sure if old Fluellen is one of my role models, and for the avoidance of doubt it is Act IV scene I too, Mr. M. (not many Welshmen in Bacon’s books)

    After a delay of more than 60 years I finally did get to Stratford for a first visit in 2011. The grave is in a delightful little church hard by the River Avon.

    Give me a few days to gather my wits and I will try to set something really hard and challenging for the next competition.

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