Finished at Last!



Oz’s jumper is finished at last and now winging its merry way to Portugal. I had thoughts of it might be able to fly by itself with or without the broomstick, but no go, it needed the assistance of the US Post Office.  They too, like the UK have put up their postal rates to the utterly ruinous,more expensive than the bloody contents!


Just to prove I didn’t cheat, here is the Shetland fleece being spun, closely watched by the chief supervisor making sure I’m doing it right! She watches all spinning, cooking and gardening with the same peculiarly intent anxious look to make quite sure I’m doing it all right and a self respecting small dog can either wear it or eat in safety!

As a complete non sequitur- here she is supervising the Paradise jelly that was made in industrial quantities from donated quinces also apples and cranberries. All consenting friends were forced to accept at least 6 jars each, actually they were lined up, especially my restauranteur friends who never get this kind of homemade stuff with the promise/(threat) of more to come when they bring the jars back! Even the dog approves.

The peppers were part of the haul from my plot in the community garden, so very beautiful and assiduously watered by spousal unit over the summer with help from 3 dogs!  All currently resident in the freezer.  No! Only the peppers! Shame on you!


Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

6 thoughts on “Finished at Last!”

  1. Thank God I’m a far better cook, spinner and gardener than I am photographer!!!
    Be nice it get one in focus just occasionally
    No hope.!

  2. Yesssss! That looks fantastic and exactly what I was hoping for. Can’t wait to try it on as it’s as cold as a witch’s watsit here at the moment. So now I’ve got a unique Christina pully and an original Ferret writing implement. Who’s a lucky wolf then?


  3. Check your email!
    Glad you like it. I just hope it fits. I shall be as mad as hell if it don’t!
    By the way, I never press Arrans it squashes the cables, they tend to stretch out organically when worn with a bit of judicious pulling in requisite directions.

  4. Thank you Janus, since that awful bout in October I have been exceptionally careful where I have gone, can’t take another cold like that in the near future.
    I’m hoping that we will have a pic of Oz in aforesaid garment to see how it looks and whether it fits!

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