Something Most Peculiar

Yesterday evening, ie 8 hrs behind the UK, I read an article in the Daily Mail about Angola. (Actually one is marginally surprised that they actually knew such a place existed!)

It went thus, that the Angolan government were closing and banning mosques from their country as it was a cult that was not in keeping with the Christian ethic of the country.  Other cults and their places of worship (unspecified varieties) were being banned also. No argument, no discussion, end of!

Within a few hours the article had disappeared from the paper but may be acquired if you put Angola into the DM internal search engine. A cursory search of the BBC news site and the Telegraph revealed neither hide nor hair of any such article!

A One wonders if it is true?

B Why is no-one else carrying the story?

C. I cannot credit that the DM editors removed the story by themselves, who is suppressing such a story and why?

D Perhaps ‘they’ are concerned that others may wish to emulate such a splendid idea?!

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

5 thoughts on “Something Most Peculiar”

  1. Yes I have checked other sources. If ‘not’ it appears to be a most peculiar story for someone else to originate. Can’t quite see the angle so to speak.
    Great shame it isn’t true, I would have thought it might have been very good for business!
    White fleeing wealthy refugees welcomed with open arms, hold your bank books out for inspection!
    “How much would you like to donate to mosque demolition on arrival?”
    People writing cheques like confetti!!

  2. I too read a similar report in a local paper, in fact mine was titled quite clearly “Angola bans Islam, shuts down mosques”

    A sister newspaper today carries a report denying the “ban”

    However, the article insinuates that planning permission to build and operate mosques in Angola is difficult to obtain, one in the south was shut down last week and another in Luanda is currently “under pressure”

  3. sheona :

    The Burmese seem to have taken a dislike to their muslim population, Christina.

    “They are probably very nice people when you get to know them.” (Fellow undergraduate, 1962)

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