Ah, la famille – as the French say

Arriving in France the day after the Front National candidate won the local council election at Brignoles in the Var – the departement next to us – I was prepared for the usual hand-wringing and “how could they do this” wailing.  Instead all was calm in the press, perhaps helped by the arrest of three suspected jihadis in the same neck of the woods that day.  The French are fed up with Hollande and fed up with the number of Roma in the country, setting up squalid , illegal camps and living off crime.  The FN expresses these concerns and is anti-EU, which the French believe is the reason all these illegals are infesting the place.  So the FN is gathering more support.

This week’s cause celebre is Leonardo, a fifteen year old Roma girl of uncertain origin who was scooped off a school bus and deported back to Kosovo with parents and five siblings.  Pupils at some schools have been protesting vigorously about this, and Hollande in his usual pathetic effort to please everyone has said that the girl can return but without her family.  Leonardo has said that she cannot leave her family, but by all accounts she had to say that or else her father would have beaten her again.  Father has been lying in his teeth for some years now.  He and mother, who may or may not be Italian, are not married; there are no papers such as birth certificates or passports available and father’s story is unravelling by the minute.  The local police in France are glad to see the back of a petty criminal;  mother never learned any French or attempted to integrate; the family is now settled in a flat in Mitrovica, but two- thirds of French people asked do not want the girl back in France.  Seems a pity, since without her family she might have a chance of a decent life.

14 thoughts on “Ah, la famille – as the French say”

  1. Parties like the FN only rise when mainstream parties discredit themselves thoroughly. The UMP, if Evans-Pritchard is to be believed, is in desperate need of leadership lest is implode so it cannot provide much opposition. Hollande is what can be expected from a mediocre Social Democrat.

    The international media reporting on this case is telling — the media narrative and public opinion are rather far apart. Most French are happy to see the back of the lot, but the media make it seem as if there is a great outcry about her yoomin rights being violated. I doubt she would have a chance at a decent life — as the Jesuits would say, by a certain age the mind crafted.

  2. It appears that all over Europe the people have had enough of parasitic scum of one variety and another.
    Interestingly none of the mainstream political parties are intent on listening to their electorates and certainly not interested enough to actually do anything about it!
    I do not think it is rocket science to see where it will all end up in due course.
    Does anyone else see the parallels between the Nazi party and the liberal Wiemar Republic then and what is beginning to happen today throughout Europe?
    Should the old one two finally hit the fan the politicians only have themselves to blame. Interestingly gypsies seem to have featured rather strongly on both occasions!

  3. You’re probably right, christopher. And since details of the girl’s attendance record at school have just been released, they show up her “desire to learn” for the lie it is.

    Christina, you’re absolutely right that none of the main political parties are paying heed to the electorate. Of course the UMP in France is tearing itself to bits since Sarkozy retired and is not capable of doing much at the moment. The only French politician doing anything useful is Valls, the Interior Minister, who is the most popular politician in the country because of his unrelenting pressure on Roma to leave the country.

  4. Leaving is a much better option than gassing them!
    This is where it will all end up if nobody starts listening.

  5. The problem is: where can they go? Oh, I know! let’s create another little Israel for the personæ-non-gratæ of the world. That’ll fix it, Jim!

  6. Send them back to where they came from preferably after they have been sterilized!
    They breed like flies.

  7. Today’s Roma, causing the problems, mainly come from Bulgaria and Romania. These countries have already received vast sums from the EU to improve the living conditions of the Roma within their borders. Instead of using the money for this purpose, Bulgaria and Romania have rushed to issue passports to their Roma citizens to ship the problem outside their borders. Therefore the Roma can be returned to the countries they came from and whose passports they hold

  8. Under EU law a citizen from one EU member state can move to another so long as he or she does not become a burden on that country and can support him or herself. The Roma very rarely support themselves and usually are merely a burden on other member states, so it is within the remit of EU law to deport them back to Romania and Bulgaria.

  9. janus :

    CO, what I meant was that the Roma didn’t come from anywhere in particular!

    J: That is the problem in the first place.

  10. christopher, the Roma can frequently support themselves in a foreign country – to the extent of sending money home to build large houses – but are unwilling to admit to the police just how they support themselves. Pick-pocketing and begging do not look good on a tax return or official statement.

  11. No doubt you have noticed the latest encampment on the staff car park of the Royal Gwent hospital, Newport!
    How spineless can these councils get?
    What they should really do is confiscate the caravans and cars and crush the lot. All new, no doubt the acquisition of which was the result of criminal behaviour.
    Can you imagine should a British person set up home in a dedicated car park? The fuzz would be round in minutes!!

    God help Europe after January, especially Britain with that snivelling oleaginous slug in charge.

  12. Apparently the only water canon in the British Isles are in Northern Ireland, which is fair enough. But we need them here desperately. In view of the little blonde girl found in a Roma camp in Greece, I think that all European police forces should be descending on all Roma camps to check out the children there. If one lot is into child abduction, others probably are too.

  13. Sheona: there is a long history of gypsies abducting children, especially those young enough not to know how to resist. They want to pad their numbers as much as possible and abduction works as well for their purposes as natural birth.

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