A little concerned…

It seems our crack gun squad federales have bagged themselves a perp who was brandishing a shooter in the manor of Walthamstow.

While on the beat, PC Perkins spotted a litter violation.


“No probs” I hear you say. “The slag had it coming” and I would be inclined to agree.


This particular perp, was not scraped off the kerb and bagged as exhibit A, nor was he bundled into a coroners van and carved up down the morgue. He was put into an ambulance and is now under close arrest in hospital. i.e. he is still breathing. According to the feds, he has gunshot wounds to the arms!!!

Back in the day when they were dumb enough to trust me with bullets, the rules of engagement were very clear on the matter.

a. If you ever let one off, you had better have a damn good reason for having done so or else we will lock your trigger happy arse away for a very long time.

b. Having considered the consequences of (a.) and conducted sufficient method analysis to ascertain that the threat comes under the specific heading “damn good reason” then you will only squirt off the minimum number of shots needed to achieve your objective AND none of that Starsky n Hutch, Dirty Harry bolleaux or condition (a.) will come into immediate effect.

Having decided that the target is “begging for it”, you will aim squarely at the largest mass in order to ensure you neutralise the threat with the greatest hit probability. Do not fire a warning shot into the air, do not try to shoot the weapon out of his hand or wing him or her with a through shot.

Basically it means use one bullet and make sure you drop the slag in such a way that they will not get up again and shoot back. It sounds cold but it really is the only way to go in these matters.

If you let rip on full auto, yes one or two bullets should arrange a meeting between the slag and his/her maker but there are at least another 28 of their ballistic chums now looking for mischief and innocent bystanders anything up to a mile away. If you aim to slice through the crims belt thus releasing the trousers to fall to ankle level and shaming them into surrendering their sawn-off, chances are you are going to get killed by return fire and the bullet you set free is not fussy about where it goes. Crazed gunmen, crims, babies, Jehovah’s Witnesses they are all as one to a mere 5.56mm projectile.

Unless you are using non-lethal munitions, If you are authorised to fire, you shoot to kill. There can be no other responsible way.

Also, had they simply dropped the guy, there would have been a lot less paperwork. The chances of reoffending would have been zero, and there would have been no need to pay for the expensive court and subsequent appeals process. What is going on with these people?

5 thoughts on “A little concerned…”

  1. Morning Ferret: The “standard issue” police firearm here is a handgun, usually a 9mm or similar the backup gun in the car is a pump action shotgun, both extremely short range weapons. Using a long gun in a urban environment is fraught with risk as you point out. The “Rules of Engagement” conveyed forcibly to us at our civilian handgun training sessions (a family affair) were very clear. “When you decide to shoot, aim for the center of the body, fire until the target stops moving or the gun is empty, whichever comes first”.

  2. Yup El Dubya,

    Reminds me of a news article way back after some American shoot out or other. The officer was asked why he shot the villain 9 times. The reply was “I ran out of bullets!” 🙂

  3. A 9mm handgun is not a short range weapon. It is only accurate at short range but the projectile is good for many hundreds of yards.

  4. Maybe I should have said “Effective short range” the sound is usually enough to discourage people.

    Just as an aside I once fired our trusty pump action out into the creek (12 ga., 0 buckshot). The creek is about 1000 feet wide and the buckshot hit the water in a tight group about 50′ long by 10′ wide almost two thirds of the way across (600 feet?), impressed me.

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