Welcome to the 21st century

I remember when then head of S.A. cricket Dr Ali Bacher (whom I watched play back in the ’69 series against OZ) convinced Panasonic to install cameras at our grounds way back in the ’70’s. There were 2 cameras at each end to help the umpires with run-out decisions, we called them “Pan-eyes” How things have changed since then!

Rugby, athletics and tennis have been using technology for years as have almost every other major sport with the exception of football, ’till now that is.

So then, are we finally going to get those crucial offside decisions which often affect the outcome of many games sorted? Sadly not!

How about those fouls that happen in or out of the penalty area, are we going to get the correct decision? Erm no!

How about solving the issue of time wasting and how much ‘Fergie time’ should or shouldn’t be added? No, not that either.

Apparently the powers that be are going to have an automated system that lets us know when a goal has been scored! Yes, the footballing powers have invested hundreds of millions of pounds / euros to tell us what we can plainly see with our own two eyes!

Take the English Premier league for example, 20 teams play each other twice, that’s 380 games, how many times would this system have been required  last season? Once? Twice? I honestly don’t know, it just seems a whole lot of money to fix a very minor problem when other match deciding errors occur almost on a weekly basis.

Still, I suppose it’s a start, so cherished colleagues why not join me in welcoming football to the 21st century?

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the 21st century”

  1. G’morgen, Soutie! Added time is my favourite grouse. I’ve occasionally tried to estimate time lost and always been surprised that it is exceeded by several minutes, often when the home side is losing!

  2. Môre Jay

    Yes, I do suppose that it depends which side of the fence you are sitting whether there is too much or too little extra time.

    We stop the clock in rugby, the ref and TMO control actual time played with the TMO deciding when time is up, plus playing on after the final whistle (actually a loud hooter / siren), until the ball is dead allows for frenetic finishes, unlike football where the final whistle could presumably be blown as the ball is traveling towards the goal?

  3. Morgan Soutie. The use of technology in sport is getting out of hand. I prefer the option of having human error with all the bad luck and injustice that goes with it. All this reviewing slows the game down and there will soon come a day when all minor quibbles will be questioned and decided by camera.

    I shouldn’t really say this but golf (yuck) is the purest sport out there. Hit a good shot and Bob Estes is your uncle. Hit a bad one and the camera can’t help you.

  4. Howzit TR

    I don’t have a problem with “slowing the game down.” Games are delayed for all sorts of reasons, injuries, floodlights, traffic delays, crowd trouble, I don’t buy this slowing the game down, what’s the rush? Lets face it your (or my) trip to a sporting event starts well before kickoff and generally ends long after the final whistle has blown (I sometimes only get home the next day!)

    Why this hoo hah about 4 or 5 minutes extra play (or even 10 / 15) in order to get the correct result is beyond me.

    Oh hang on, perhaps it interferes with the TV schedules, well they can go take a long walk off a short plank as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Presuming the ball stays live, am I correct in saying that a game of rugby ( double yuck) can go on forever?
    Bill Beaumont! A Dante oval of hell. 🙂

  6. I happened to be with people yesterday who are English football fans (Liverpool supporters actually) and the football was showing at one of my afternoon watering holes, so I was ‘forced’ to watch a bit.

    What a comedy of errors officiating in football is.

    I clearly saw a ball played behind the Liverpool goal by a Stoke forward and a corner was awarded! A bit later a yellow card and free kick awarded for what the commentators and post match pundits told us wasn’t a foul! and a penalty awarded in a later game which apparently clearly wasn’t!

    All of the above ‘proven’ with existing television footage.

    Oh, not once was the 100 million pound / euro technology required.

    Methinks (still) that of all the uses that the officials could have used technology to improve the game of football they’ve clearly scored an own goal here.

    Ha ha, I think that last comment very funny 🙂 🙂

    By the way, yesterday the Springboks walloped the Argies seventy plenty – thirteen 🙂

  7. Morgan S-man,

    Conflict is the essence of drama and contentious decisions are the lifeblood of football. Without the errors there would be no debate afterwards. Some howlers do fester long after the event. Take the 1989 Scottish cup fina, for instance. Roy Aitken of them stole a throw-in from us (it was 100% our shy) and from it the winning goal was scored. To this day Rangers fans put an asterick next to this date in their list of trophies with the word cheat in bold letters.

    And Iet’s not forget in 1926…

  8. Y´see. That’s the thing about the Celts. King Edward’s army, Cromwell, the land clearances, the potato famine, 1926, etc. Long memories and little else. Get over it! Think Mary Peters, Liz McGlachlan (sp) and her daughter, Allan Wells, Princess Anne, Alex Salmond……oh, wait a minute. 🙂


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