Pedro is Taking the Pish!

I haven’t fumed this much since Wavey Davey Cambuffoon revealed he was thinking of selling the next generation of UK nuclear power plants to the same Russian monkeys who ran Chernobyl.

Pedro is rattling his sabre over Gibraltar. The sweaty little afternoon napping, paella chomping grease ball is getting into bed with the Argies and persecuting the British people of our sovereign turf. What is Wavey Davey planning to do about it? Go crying to mummy in Brussels of course. Arrrrrghhhh.

Here’s what we do. Pedro has significant interests in the UK. First off, Santander. If you have an account with them, switch. If you have savings, withdraw the piggin’ lot. If you see any sport with the Santander logo on it, support some fecker else and let the team know that you will not return your patronage until they tell Pedro to blow it out of his lazy trasero. Get your onions from somewhere else. If you have a holiday booked for Benidorm, cancel it. Go to Greece or better still Gibraltar. If your neighbour is Spanish, pour weed killer over the fence.

Don’t wait for our slack jawed gubmint to do something about this because you will pass that on to your great grandkids. Get Spain now where it hurts in Pedro’s pocket.

Incidentally I have been telling Fernando Alonso where to get off for years but that is a whole other kettle of chorizo.

13 thoughts on “Pedro is Taking the Pish!”

  1. Howzit Ferret

    I’d love to join in but unfortunately I can’t think of a single Pedro product on sale here that I could boycott.

    I will however make a point of not watching any Pedro football teams if and when they’re televised as an act of solidarity ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I feel sorry for the Spanish people, but then they did vote this corrupt bunch into government. I feel sorry for the little waitress at a restaurant we frequented in Gibraltar, who came in from La Linea to work every day. The fisherman on whose behalf the Spanish government is pretending to act says he knows he is being used and just wants to get on with his fishing which was in no way disrupted by Gibraltar. The Catalonia independence party has expressed its support for Gibraltar.

    Did you know that Fernando Alonso returned to live in Spain, which is costing him a fair amount in tax every year. Perhaps if he takes off for Switzerland or Monaco, that will have some effect. I am busy boycotting all I can find – but I still feel sorry for the Spanish, apart from the Franco supporters still around.

  3. Look like it will have to be Carmenรฉre rather than Rioja from now on, then.

  4. Sheona,
    Of course you are totally correct. And obviously far better informed than I. There are Spanish people who rely on Gib for their income, they commute daily. Everyone knows fine well that the concrete in the harbour has no bearing whatsoever on Pedros catch. But politics have wheedled their nasty little way into this. Perhaps the only way to slap the corrupt PoliPedros down is to deny the wealth they cream from the big internationals.

    I still find it incredible that services upon which we rely in this country are owned by foreigners with their eye on the investment and nothing else.

  5. Ferret – I’m surprised Pedro hasn’t been honking about North Sea oil rigs interfering with Sthpanith fish quotas. For sure most of the (environmentally sustainable) Portuguese fishing fleet is tied to the quay whilst Sthpanith factory trawlers hoover up everything that swims.



  6. Ferret :

    Hey Soutie,
    Iโ€™ll bet a pound to a pinch of pooh the Spaniards have a dirty little finger in some SA pie or other.

    Morning Feret.

    That’s going to be the million dollar question in the pub today, what is there down here?

  7. As far as I can make out Spain is in real strife with its economy. Great political ploy by all such governments is to find an external ‘enemy’ for the population to focus on.

    I recall hearing that when Charles and Di were about to set off from Gibraltar on their honeymoon aboard whatever royal yacht it was at the time the Spanish government kicked up a huge fuss which was finally resolved by Lizzie II sending a message that it was her son, her boat and her port…

    Argument ended. Perhaps Liz should intervene again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Thinking about this, I haven’t and don’t buy anything of Spanish origin. Never been there, never appealed too chav.
    All cooking sherry/port -domestic US, quite adequate. Chorizo, ditto.
    Don’t like Rioja, don’t care for wine made from such hot weather grapes.
    So I’ll vote for a war instead of a trade embargo!

  9. Souti chum,

    There’s Banco Santander for a start based in Bruma SA. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You are right! I missed it, no big shock there then. The passing of plain envelopes between business du Zorba has been common knowledge for decades. BTW it weren’t I who brought “Tilting at Windmills” to the party. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Chuckle, I remember that now. You are correct about Pedro distracting the proles from their rumbling tums and empty paella tins by inventing a common enemy but I can’t help agreeing with Sheona that the people this will damage most is the minimum wage consuelas and pedros who clean, garden and dogsbody for the Gibraltans. Not so much the politicos shooting themselves in the foot, more nicking a veruka.

    Mrs O,
    We really must do something about your wishy washy, sit on the fence, don’t rock the boat, keep yer bonce beneath the parapets liberalism problem. Would it hurt to take a stand just once in a while. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    A take over would be as easy as pie (ella). No need for the SAS, SBS, Commandos, Bomber Command or heavy stuff. We just put together a few bus loads of benefit scroungers sprinkled with some regular troops to maintain order then let em wander in to the major Spanish population centres around 13:30hrs. By the time Pedro wakes up he’ll find himself occupied. ๐Ÿ™‚

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