15 thoughts on “Geek IQ”

  1. Aaaargh. Geek IQ 207, the Geek is Strong in you!

    I must be a geek, but we all knew that anyway!

  2. Bugger! I couldn’t cook it, spin it or grow it! QED fuck it!

    fun to score about zero!!

  3. MΓ΄re Jay

    Yes, don’t we all? And as you infer in #6, why must it all be done at what appeared to be a million miles an hour?
    .. πŸ˜‰ ..

  4. Slightly addictive. Just managed to equal PNG at 291 upwards.

    So far, I can’t get below 65 downwards however quickly I try to enter all the wrong answers. I realise that I could just time out to get 0 but that’s not the way of the true geek.

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