Carrilon to the South Nation River (via Le Chateau Montebello) July 14

Moved up onto the Blue Line (dock reserved for locking) late last night.


First lock today was 9:30 am and we had the mast down (for the Rideau) and were ready.

 Lock is even more impressive inside


looking up 55 feet from the deck of the boat is the sill of the upper gate ( the gate itself cannot be seen) when the lock is full the sill is 15 feet below water.


we are more than halfway up and finally we see the upper gate which will open when the lock is full.


all these stairs which allow lock keepers to  get to the bottom will be flooded and the boats will exit over the top of all but the last flight of steps.


Almost full only about twenty feet to go.


ready to open at the new level.

 We are then on a level run of the Ottawa River for about 40 miles to Ottawa.

Lots of big houses, some a little “”Munsters” for my taste:


 Some just big


 Finally past Le Chateau Montebello A hotel but built in the 1930’s as a private club, a massive six storey building of cedar logs, we used to go and stay for Christmas when I lived in Ottawa,


no room for us in the marina today so on about ten miles to the South Nation River.

 Just past this abandoned stern wheeler into a sheltered anchorage for the night.


Tomorrow Ottawa, about 30 miles.

Author: Low Wattage

Expat Welshman, educated (somewhat) in UK, left before it became fashionable to do so. Now a U.S. Citizen, and recent widower, playing with retirement and house remodeling, living in Delaware and rural Maryland (weekends).

4 thoughts on “Carrilon to the South Nation River (via Le Chateau Montebello) July 14”

  1. That is some lift, great pics, I certainly learned a thing or two.

    Ottawa eh? If I remember that was your original destination, well done, I’ve enjoyed the journey, are we still ‘going home’ the other way?

  2. That’s some lock! Bigger lift than anything on the Panama, although the locks there are over 1000 ft long
    Keep it coming, interesting stuff.

  3. How long does it take to fill please?
    Incredible log building, must be one of the biggest ever made?

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