Viking grub, pt. 2

Following hard on the heels of the global gastronomic success earned by the smørrebrød, any self-respecting Scandiwegian will offer you küttbullar or perhaps frikadeller. Meatballs to you, madam, which were for some years announced on the overnight ferries from Harwich to Esbjerg and points north as ‘a Danish speciality’. Laughter rang around decks. No, to be fair, they are special – for their ordinariness.

Frikadeller med kartolfter, broccoli og løgsauce

They are the from the same stable (in the case of IKEA’s menu) as, say, Bratwurst or doner kebab, the ‘left-overs’ solution for butchers and mothers alike. In fact in post-war Coventry, pork butchers sold ‘faggots’ which were much the same: minced or ground cuts or offal bound togther with milk or cream and seasoned to taste with various herbs and spices; fried and served with spuds or owt available.

Not bad with a decent onion gravy.

And to accompany the meal……………….

Author: Janus

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3 thoughts on “Viking grub, pt. 2”

  1. I have to admit that apart from the pickled salmon sandwiches I find Nordic food incredibly boring.
    I don’t know whether it is the food I’ve tried or whether the whole cuisine is at fault. but apart from dill, there never seems to be any flavouring, all bland.
    Meat balls appear to taste like the special (expensive) non allergy meat that small dog has, oops!
    I put American meat loaf in the same category., bland, tasteless, dry, totally boring, the kind of food you drop on the floor for the dogs! The only decent meat loaf I have ever eaten was in S Germany, but they make theirs with three meats. and a very long winded recipe.
    Spousal unit sometimes asks for the Yank version but is firmly repulsed. He makes it when I am out of the country! Quite right too!

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