The clearing


A dull, wet day today. This is looking south down the road through the woods – about half a kilometer to the lane. The majestic magnolia is now almost in leaf and the rhododendra and lilac are showing nicely, with the buddleia struggling so far. Please note remains of mole hills and the mysterious stone semi-circle to left.


Now looking north into our fenced area with mower access, and a venerable old apple tree doing the business. Behind it a huge walnut tree is just coming into leaf. More mole-scars and a solar-powered scarer in place.

Some deer and several hares are already visiting us at dawn and dusk but luckily the fence seems to work all right.

Author: Janus

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9 thoughts on “The clearing”

  1. Does a four foot fence stop your deer? Here they hop over that height like we step off a kerb! It has to be a full 7′ or so to keep them out. Which is why I have my freezer garden up in town at the community garden. The price of such fencing is prohibitive and at my age not worth the investment.
    It all looks very nice, not too worried by neighbours then are you!!!
    I doubt you’ll ever get rid of those moles. An acquaintance of mine has hitched up a static engine’s exhaust to the network of tunnels in an effort to gas them, all too reminiscent of Auschwitz for me! I refuse to gas anything! (Might make an exception for particularly irritating husbands!) We have a terrible problem too, moles not husbands. May I suggest, if you want any veg etc with moles better to go with raised beds and line them with hefty chicken wire before you fill them, that stops the little bastards PDQ! I also use landscape cloth at the bottom too to stop perennial weeds. If one is going to the time, trouble and expense of raised beds one might as well kill all putative problems at the inception!
    More pics in due course will always be more than welcomed.
    I do hope you will get real edible walnuts. I had them in Wales but they tasted crap.
    Keep painting!

  2. Very nice indeed, Janus, and moles too! I love moles. Is the scarer the thingy that looks like a land mine? Blow it up, dear chap, you know it makes sense! 😉

    Looking forward to more photos.

  3. One little darling is now raising a hill on top of the scarer, no doubt by way of protest.

    Christina, in fact the deer are quite small (isn’t everything by US standards?) and (according to Mrs J whose family are hunters in t’north) tend to avoid entering areas where escape might be difficult. The previous owners assured us the deer never ventured inside.

  4. I seem to recall being told that sports clubs have a layer of glass around the perimeters of key areas (bowling greens, golf greens etc.) to keep the moles out.

  5. Soutie, g’morgen! Indeed. But, y’see, they don’t always take the underground route to food; they trot slowly over-ground and then start to tunnel, chortling as they go. Hence Mrs C’s raised beds. Mrs J surprised one in our last garden and watched it scurry off, screaming.

  6. Sound like muntjack, about 20″ high or so? Lots of them in the Chilterns. Not that good to eat either compared to the larger deer.
    Sounds like you need a couple of terriers!
    Nothing I have ever found sorts moles without pouring so much poison etc onto the ground. Personally I am not prepared to do so much environmental damage to soil and water courses etc. Just flatten the hills with the wheels of your new tractor!

  7. How very interesting Janus, they are much heavier built than the ones round here. Strikes me that they have more to do with being miniature elk, so very heavy on the shoulder which would explain why they cannot leap over fences too easily! Our deer round here are built like race horses and hop over typical 4′ stock fences as nothing, even the babies a few weeks old can do it easily. How exceptionally convenient for you and your garden, can we have some please. I was staggered when I first saw American elk, a good 7′ st the shoulder for a mature adult, fortunately they are a bit further north here, they can jump but don’t bother most of the time, just barge around! About the only thing that wants to take them on are wolf packs!

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