Beware of goats.

We are well used to canine kniptions and explosions of manic barking, people, eagles, coyotes all set them off.  To be fair, they are not discouraged, it is their job to alert us to approaching ‘threats’.


The goats normally live behind us, five acres away and are ritually visited for a bark up a couple of times a day.  No great threat just a canine ritual.

However, the builder next door replacing the burnt up house had asked the goat’s owner to graze down the plot a bit, right next to our house.  The goat herder, all of 12, a home schooled graduate of goat herding and very little else, (One suppose she can count sufficiently to check the quantity of goats in and out!) has these creatures literally on her whistle, all very pied piper!  Up and down the fence they went.   It is a wonder the dogs didn’t do themselves damage, all the leaping and barking could have incurred hideous canine cardiac arrests at the fence.  Amusingly the goats are used to being barked at and stolidly carried on munching good long grass utterly refusing to ‘hear’ said dogs!


Utterly nonplussed at their lack of effect, the dogs retreated to their floral redoubt to make a last stand for their all mod cons ‘kennel’.  This has been the new daily game.  The night time version being all standing on our bed barking/howling and slavering out the window at the coyotes who are howling for girlfriends in the forest.  Nia only sits on hers and the other two ain’t queer! Hence the howls of outrage and protest!!!  (From the canines and humans being woken.)

The weather has been quite incredible here, spring lurched into summer for two weeks at nearly 80F every day.  It has been a mad scramble to get all the veg starts planted out before they all bolted.  The flowers do not know what the hell has happened and we have early summer flowers simultaneously flowering before the tulips have even finished.  The greenhouse has had to be emptied of all its sheltering denizens to make way for the tomatoes and cucumbers.


The runner beans are out and climbing their poles like it was an olympic event!  But the asparagus in the distance there is suffering in the heat, shame, one can’t win them all.


Iris and rhodies simultaneously, all very well but everything that should flower for six weeks are at it together and then there will be nothing much left to see.  Laburnum and lilac too are at it.


Talk about glorious technicolour, this bed needs dark glasses!

Today the weather has broken and we have rain that we desperately needed, Thank God for that as I am quite exhausted and need a rest.  So do the canine contingent, they are at the moment supervising my typing lolling in their alternative office beds.  Be-damned to goats!

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

4 thoughts on “Beware of goats.”

  1. Come to think about it where on earth did the ludicrous expression ‘Working like dogs’ come from?
    Lazy bastards only bark and ‘supervise’ grafting humans!!

  2. Hello Christina. Seen any good looking coyotes recently?

    P.S Why don’t you stick a photography tag in your posts? You’d get a lot of illegal alien likers.

  3. Nah! Us charioteers are peculiar enuf ourselves without importing any more weirdos!!!
    Just think, we could be driving cars but here we are with chariots!
    I rather fancy chasing goats by chariot.

  4. I could do with a few goats on our grass in the back garden at the moment. Thanks to all the liquid global warming falling non-stop, the grass is far too long and the ground is much too soggy to get out the mower.

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