Evangelical Protestantism is on the rise in South and Central American countries.
This part of the globe has historically been a catholic stronghold in matters of faith but the flock are turning. Brazil and Mexico, the two largest catholic nations in the world have had many converts to the Evangelical side and other Protestant church communities: Pentecostals, Baptists and Methodists. A personal relationship with Jesus is most important to evangelicals, whereas in Catholicism, priests and the church hierarchy are tasked with interpreting the Bible and being “God’s representatives”. Has the continent of Pele et al seen the light shining?

With chapel attendance dwindling in these areas it begs the further question, was Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the Jesuit cardinal from Buenos Aires the newly appointed successor to Saint Peter, chosen purely to revitalise the ailing roman church in Latin America? In modern times we don’t expect political intrigue straight out of the Borgias yet the appointment smacks of a desperate attempt to woo back floating voters by installing one of their own. And was the retired/deposed Benedict part of the scheme? We’ll need to wait until the papal archives are released.

While all this is going on there is an anti-pope in Sweden treading the boards. He goes by the name of Papa Emeritus II (He was Papa Emeritus on the first album). Papa E II is the vocalist with the Swedish rock band Ghost. Ghost have released two records. Bookmakers are taking no money on a Papa Emeritus III being on the third LP. Now for more confusion. Ghost had to change their name in North America to Ghost BC for copyright reasons but for those of us that were in on them from the beginning they will always be plain Ghost.

Backed up by five Nameless Ghouls the mock-satanic group may yet make the mainstream as their music has a commercial ring to it, notwithstanding the occult lyrics. If so they would be following in the footsteps of many costumed bands: Kiss, Slipknot, Lordi, The Wombles. Tour dates in Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro are set for later in the year. It will be interesting to see how well they are received.

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  1. Thanks Boadicea, I have missed the blogging malarkey; a quite harmless hobby. I’ve also missed your exclamation marks, Christina.

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