Pensioners are the people to hate

Is it me or pensioners being demonised by the government and the press, especially the Biased Broadcasting Company?

Hardly a day goes by when I don’t see some report or other telling me that pensioners must repay this allowance or that benefit; or how pensioners have the audacity to expect hospital treatment for their illnesses.

Pensioners must hand back their heating allowance, obviously so that they can die quicker in the cold weather. Pensioners must hand back their bus passes, so that they return to their cars, clog up the roads and drive with failing eyesight and slower reactions, once again in the hope they will die in an accident. No more free TV licences allowing them to watch TV and keep; actually this might be a blessing in disguise as watching TV fries the brain.  No more free prescriptions that keep pensioners alive.

Let’s go the whole hog and stop pensions altogether and get them damn pensioners out of their houses that they have worked and paid for all their lives: throw them all out onto the streets to beg. After all they have only worked for 50 plus years to pay for all this.

It is after all those damn pensioners who have worked and paid tax and NI for years that are bleeding society, the same pensioners that were denied university places because their parents couldn’t afford it. The same pensioners that have never ever drawn dole money or other benefit, the same pensioners that raised their own children by scrimping and saving, and possibly paid for their kids to be privately educated because the state system has failed.

Instead let’s increase family allowances, thus helping overpaid families afford more exotic holidays and IPads for their spoilt brats. Let’s give £1,200 per child to help pay for nursery places so that mothers can return to their £80k plus jobs. Let’s give free transport to all kids to take the burden off of the poor workers who are earning well in excess of £100k per year.

Somehow the world seems to be an idiotic place and though I am not yet a pensioner I am reaching that stage rapidly, except the goal post keeps moving, and hold out no hope for what will be left by then.

Author: ricksrant

I am perfect, well I think so and I am never wrong so it must be true.

15 thoughts on “Pensioners are the people to hate”

  1. Quite!
    I’m not surprised that over 20% voted for UKIP. My only surprise is that the likes of cleggover haven’t been used as lampost decorations.
    Of course they want you dead, you commit the cardinal crime of thinking for yourself!!!
    What they want is a client state of supplicants sucking (in a regulated manner) at the ‘provided tit’. Whilst they, in correct hierarchical nature suck at the mother of Brussels.

  2. Rick, as a 70-year-old I concur. Luckily we will soon outweigh the youngsters in voting power and then watch the suckers grovel at our feet! 🙂

  3. As you say, RR, it now seems to be fashionable to attack pensioners, many of whom are taxpayers, but who cares about that? It would be interesting to know what percentage of pensioners use their free bus pass, since it only costs when it is actually used. “Free TV” is only for the over-75s, I believe, not every pensioner. I want my taxes to be used for Britain and British people, not for overseas aid nor for the uninvited guests holding out their begging bowls. Come on, UKIP. (Am I allowed to say that, Boadicea?)

  4. sheona :
    As you say, RR, it now seems to be fashionable to attack pensioners, many of whom are taxpayers, but who cares about that? It would be interesting to know what percentage of pensioners use their free bus pass, since it only costs when it is actually used. “Free TV” is only for the over-75s, I believe, not every pensioner. I want my taxes to be used for Britain and British people, not for overseas aid nor for the uninvited guests holding out their begging bowls. Come on, UKIP. (Am I allowed to say that, Boadicea?)

    The only way that taxpayers’ money can be fairly disbursed to the ‘needy’ is by means testing the trouble is that at the very mention of the term the lefties suffer an attack of the vapours.

  5. Jazz, I agree. Ironically when Maggie proposed a poll tax which was one-size-fits-all the lazy lefties objected to that too!

  6. I believe in 2010 the Labour party sacked a prospective candidate for calling elderly people ‘coffin dodgers’… My Mum, now 91, delights in calling herself a ‘coffin dodger’ and states very loudly and clearly that she intends to remain a coffin dodger as long as she can!

    On the rare occasion that anyone has dared to tell me that the ‘elderly’ are a problem they get a blast to the effect that Governments have known that I, and all those like me, have been around for the last 60+ years, and that, if they have forgotten the promises they made on the basis of our contributions to take care of us in our old age – that is their problem – not mine. I have no intention of disappearing simply to solve present Government budget problems.

    It also proves quite useful to remind these ‘youngsters’ that they should be very careful of the measures that they put in place for the elderly – since they will be treated with the same, if not worse, contempt when they reach my age! I am sure that the reason so many cultures care for their elderly is because they are know that they, too, will age and need care. The present generation seem to unable to see that far ahead I probably won’t be around to see it – but I would certainly chuckle to see that those who treat the present elderly generation so badly being given the same treatment…


    Do you really think that there is no means testing in the UK? Of course there is. My mother and father -in-law pay for every bit of ‘help’ that they require …

    There are the ‘needy’ and the ‘needy’… there are the needy who have worked and, by virtue of the nature of their work, have been unable to provide for themselves and, in my opinion, their efforts should be recognised – but in the UK it isn’t – they are lumped together with …

    the bone lazy – who have done absolutely nothing.when they could, and have made no effort to provide for themselves when they couldn’t work.

    I have no problem with helping those who have helped themselves – but why should those who have worked to pay their way continue to support those who have never, ever lifted a finger to help themselves? Means testing – fine, but modified. so that people have an incentive to help themselves. Here, there is means testing – but assets like on’es home, are not counted and the level at which ‘help’ cuts in gives everyone an incentive to help themselves and not to rely on Government aid.


    Maggie’s Poll Tax was the most inequitable tax that has ever been imposed. Even the 1381 Poll Tax, which resulted in the ‘Peasants’ Revolt’ was fairer then that – trust me – I know!

  7. Hi Boadicea, I have never understood why Thatcher’s ‘poll tax’ was considered so unfair. It always struck me as being perfectly logical that 5 working adults living in a house should pay more for council benefits than one person living alone.

  8. Perhaps Bo would like to explain why the tax was inequitable?
    I never quite saw that one either sipu.

  9. Sipu, Mrs. O. Not inequitable perhaps (it was a classic level tax), but unreasonable, the problem was that under the conditions proposed the AVERAGE person would see an increase in tax, hardly an tenable position for an elected official to take, as it tuned out.

  10. Yes, I see that, but one paid for what one consumed, schools, police, bins etc. The more in a household the more likely that various services would be used in greater quantity. I was a single household for so many years and because I was commercial, paid to have my garbage removed separately and paid for school fees on top, plus for years I carried medical insurance. I got sod all for my money!!! I don’t think that is fair either.
    Unfortunately I got everything back in one fell swoop when the boy was ill for so long, not the best way of getting value for money I can tell you!
    If people had to pay far more directly for their children etc they would be a damned sight more cautious about breeding the little bastards! (Mostly literally these days!)

  11. The poll tax would have been fair if it had been banded. The present situation of local taxation is unfair in that it is essentially taxation without representation, or at least with reduced representation for those paying council tax. A much fairer system would be local sales tax. The mechanisms already exist to collect it, and no-one can avoid it.

  12. Do not get me wrong – I don’t think it equitable that people should contribute to local taxes simply on the value of their homes – although it has long been the basis for such levies.

    It is very easy to condemn a situation whereby the poor little pensioner pays the same as five adult workers. However, I don’t find it equitable that a family with only one adult wage-earner and one adult caring for children should pay double that of the single pensioner. Nor do I find it equitable that a pensioner living in a large house on a high income should pay the same as the pensioner living on a small income in a tiny house.

    Part of the problem was, I believe, that the amount that individuals would pay was miscalculated – and that the final sum was far greater then expected.

    In 1381, the writs to collect the third (and final) poll tax included the directive that the tax of 12d (three days wages for a labourer) for each adult over 16 was to be levied in such a way as the richer help the poorer.

    Now oddly enough in many places the tax assessors, all local people, did just that. There are a few surviving documents that show that some took into account the values of houses, the value of movable goods, and wages.

    A flat-rate tax is always, in my opinion, inequitable.

  13. Hmm I believe the poll tax was fair as everyone paid the same amount for local services. Pensioners did get a reduction (my mother did), and those in full time education were also excused. As for me when the tax came in we were 2 working adults and we ended up paying less than we paid in rates, reason being we had a prudent Tory council, the ones that saw an increase were those in Labour councils.
    As for banding a local tax this is equally wrong as we already pay a banded tax on our income and it should not be taxed yet again.
    It is not the value of a building that uses local facilities it is the number of people living therein.
    I live in a 4 bedroom semi (1930’s) in a good area yet my house is valued at just over 600K, the same house in Leeds wehere my daughter lives is 350k or less. It is down to supply and demand, something that seems to get missed when politicians talk about market forces. The reason for the high price is 20 minutes from central London on the train, 4 minute walk to station, 6 minute drive to M20 and M25, Channel Tunnel 50 minutes by car, Gatwick 40 minutes (clear road) and woods at the bottom of the road.
    Flat rate tax and local purchase tax instead of VAT is the answer.
    As for voting for local elections why don’t businesses get one vote per rate paying business. We pay the most yet are denied a say.

  14. If I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t touch a private pensions company with a long stick and would make my own arrangements like buying diamonds or property. Unfortunately there is no escape from NI for those of us unfortunate not to have been able to avoid PAYE and I for one have been royally screwed by the Establishment and the system. Fekkers all.


  15. OZ : I totally agree about private pensions (promises?). But I must say the NI system has some merit. A polite inquiry in 2010 made to their expatriate branch yielded me the response that I had “insufficient contributions to qualify for a basic pension” but, if I would send them “£1500 for make up payments”, they would send me £2400 annually for the rest of my life (adjusted periodically for inflation). I questioned it twice, was reassured it was legitimate, sent the money and have been banking the proceeds ever since. The benefit is also transferable to a foreign “spouse, upon my earlier demise” now I just have to find one, then expire.

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