Results of Photo Competition- Dwellings

Many thanks to all those who entered :

Janus’ soon to be ex-dwelling and good luck with your move to a very lovely spot without the wind turbine horror.

Soutie’s very pleasant Port Alfred weekend retreat by the ocean.

Christina’s “Des res, iron age style” : interesting take on the theme.

Christopher submitted a photograph of a modest London residence occasionally inhabited by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Now I did rather twist Tina’s arm to enter the competition, and had I not promised that she would not win, I must admit that her  photographs would have been strong contenders for an award.

But, it was not to be, so –

Christopher, dear chap, would you do the honours, accept the prize and set the next competition?

5 thoughts on “Results of Photo Competition- Dwellings”

  1. Well done. Christopher and apologies to Araminta for not putting up a piccie of The Cave. My addled brain had this comp closing on 30th April


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