10 thoughts on “Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’”

  1. Hell’s bells, LW, that’s a real old and gold ‘un. I bet you even dream in black and white. 🙂

    And the thought of Araminta in chaps has brought a certain frisson to my morning.


  2. Araminta :

    Gosh, this brings back memories, chaps.

    Brilliant post, Soutie.

    Absolutely right Araminta! The High Noon clip took me straight back to the cinema where I saw the film!

    The Blues Brothers’ clip reminded me of the time when husband no 2 did a gig in an American Airbase. He’d been warned that if the audience didn’t like his music they might just send missiles – so he would be playing behind a cage…

    I’d never seen anything like it! Fortunately, they enjoyed the music – he played there a few more times 🙂

  3. Evenin’ Boadicea. Back in the day I used to stay at a particular hotel in Kimbe, Papua New Guniea. The veranda had chicken wire stretched between the balustrades and the roof because a favourite pastime of the wantoks (particularly later on Friday pay-days) was to drive by in a Ute and throw empty stubbies at the residents. Happy days!


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