Super season tickets

I’ve often said that there isn’t a bad seat in the house at our new stadium, there are of course good seats, great seats and then there’s these –

A local bar owner and good friend of mine has bought 2 ‘Royalty package’ season tickets to be awarded as prizes during in-house promotions. The promotion is, spend 50 rand or more write your name and tel. no. on the back of your bill and you’re in the draw.

Our Southern Kings (this year’s newcomers to superrugby) had their final practice game Wednesday night against the reasonably strong Currie cup 1st division outfit Griqualand West and you’ve probably guessed by now I got the tickets. (The sales promotion hadn’t started and I obviously convinced the owner that we couldn’t let them go to waste, plus it was necessary that a trial run be performed just to ensure that all was okay!)

Well then, I’ve attended more events at the stadium than most, often stating that there isn’t a bad seat in the house, I’ve sat in almost every section / block and at all levels and yes I’ve been a guest once or twice in corporate boxes, nothing has a patch on these!

2 aisle row seats, on the halfway line, 1st row immediately above the players tunnel. Heaven! 🙂

The package includes parking inside the ground, and access to the Royal lounge complete with televisions, private bar and private toilets.

The match itself was disappointing (Kings lost 27 -30) the Kings performance (and yes this was a full strength squad) not I suspect anywhere near what I’ve witnessed from other Superrugby outfits but as the old saying goes it not how you play the game that matters but the quality of the view!

1st competitive Super game against the Aussie Western Force next Saturday, I’ll be there but not there if you know what I mean 😕

7 thoughts on “Super season tickets”

  1. It’s always a big step up into any premier division – good luck to the Kings.

    The Moufflon’s long trail to RWC continues with a match against Bulgaria next month 🙂

  2. Howzit JM

    I was saddened to hear that you couldn’t make last weeks Murryfield outing, I do hope things get back to some sense of normality soon.

    Talking about flies in ointments, spokes in wheels and sharks in foreign waters I’m hoping to be there on March 9th, although I’m no fan of 19:10 kickoffs I’m making an exception this year 😉

  3. Congratulations to the Kings, Soutie. Top of the SA conference for the next two weeks!

    I had a torrid time watching the Sharks yesterday afternoon.

  4. John Mackie :

    Congratulations to the Kings, Soutie. Top of the SA conference for the next two weeks!

    I had a torrid time watching the Sharks yesterday afternoon.

    Mt M: What were you doing watching Super Rugby when England were beating France?

    I shall be watching Scotland today! 🙂

  5. Morning JM

    What a day, what a night, what a match, what a team, what a crowd what a result!

    Pity the Cheetahs got a bonus point, we of course will ultimately be fighting them for the wooden spoon and the promotion / relegation spot 😦

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