Women have smaller balls

Pic from espncricinfo.com

Hard to believe but it’s true.

Watching the ICC Women’s World Cup match between Sri Lanka and India today, I was enjoying the contest when somebody at our table mentioned that women have smaller balls!

Impossible, I thought, as did most everybody else, we laughed and joked, “even the floodlights look smaller” somebody quipped, “is the pitch the same length?” came another, “what about the boundaries? Are they shorter?” and so it went on “are the wickets the same height?” Etc.

While we were all having a laugh Mr “Women have smaller balls” googled it and guess what?

Law 5 (The ball)

MCC logo

1. Weight and size
The ball, when new, shall weigh not less than 5½ ounces/155.9 g, nor more than
5¾ ounces/163 g, and shall measure not less than 813/16 in/22.4 cm, nor more than 9 in/22.9 cm in circumference.

6. Specifications
The specifications as described in 1 above shall apply to men’s cricket only. The following specifications will apply to
(i) Women’s cricket
Weight: from 415/16 ounces/140 g to 55/16 ounces 151 g
Circumference: from 8¼ in/21.0 cm to 87/8 in/22.5 cm
(ii) Junior cricket – Under 13
Weight: from 411/16 ounces/133 g to 51/16 ounces 144 g
Circumference: from 81/16 in/20.5 cm to 811/16 in/22.0 cm

From Lords.org

So there you have it, Women do have smaller balls!

By the way, through to the super sixes starting Friday Feb 8th – Oz, Eng, SL, NZ, SA, WI.


17 thoughts on “Women have smaller balls”

  1. This is interesting. Would having a smaller ball be easier or harder for the batswoman to hit than the regulation size? I’m assuming the bats are the same size.

  2. Good morning TR

    Part of Mr. “Women have smaller balls” reasoning (before the google proof) was that they have smaller hands!

    Well then, from what I’ve seen most of the ladies appear bigger in stature that say Sachin Tendulker or a whole host of diminutive male cricketers, I have to admit though to not giving full attention to hand size.

    So much for equality, whatever next? Gay marriage?

  3. Môre Janus, the espn caption reads…

    “South Africa captain Mignon du Preez takes a catch to dismiss Jenny Gunn”

  4. Aha, thanks. I must say her name (mignon = ‘cute’ in French) seems particularly inappropriate!

  5. The “inappropriately” named Mignon (according to ‘ol twoface) at the pre-tournament press conference 😉

  6. Oh, and another thing.

    In the match we watched (India v Sri Lanka) the two standing umpires were men!

  7. Next time you go to a match Soutie, a photo of a cricketer’s hands would make a lovely photo for the current competition…. 🙂

  8. It has always puzzled me that women have smaller handkerchiefs. It’s not as if their noses are so very much smaller. Admittedly some have button noses but others have great big hooters. Snotwise, there can’t be too much difference!

  9. Soutie I know this is off subject but did you see the Burkina Faso vs Ghana game today? I have never ever seen such abysmal refereeing. A good goal disallowed for Burkina Faso and a guy sent off for diving when it was an outright penalty. I have never been so outraged. For sure I believe the referee took a bribe to ensure Ghana won. In the end, justice was done. The better side won on penalties after extra time, but their star forward, name beginning with ‘P’ is automatically banned from the final. It is the referee who should be in jail and be banned for life! Extraordinary decisions!

  10. Papa G- You’re spot on. I watched the game and the refereeing decisions were terrible. I feel sorry for the Burkina Faso striker Pitroipa who will miss the final because of the inept referee. Pitroipa has been one of the stars of the tournament. I’m not sure if BF will be allowed to appeal.

  11. PapaG I tried!

    I have to say that I find watching football more than slightly boring, it was a late start here (kick off 8:30pm) and although I watched parts of the 1st half I couldn’t manage the second and fell asleep.

    Sounds like you and TR agree that the more deserving team progressed to the final (v Nigeria), which of course means that The Black Stars will be back down here for the 3rd / 4th place play off on Saturday (v Mali.)

  12. Just heard that the ref has accepted that he was awful and has subsequently rescinded the 2nd yellow he issued to BF’s striker, which of course means that Pitroipa is cleared to play on Sunday 🙂

  13. Great news. Looking forward to the final and watching the silky Pitroipa. I’m a glory hunting Burkina Faso fan though they’ll always be Upper Volta to me. 🙂

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