14 thoughts on “Has Don Quixote been resurrected?”

  1. If it was some idiot taking out the bolts they were lucky the falling metalwork didn’t fall on anyone. Or an animal.

  2. But, Pseu, these windmill abominations chop up birds and bats anyway.

    I suspect either a design fault, deliberate sabotage at the factory or a software bug or hack!

  3. The more that come down the merrier.
    Bloody useless things, whining eyesores only good for lining politicians pockets.
    And if they weren’t blown up they should have been!

  4. Sipu: The unfortunate demise of some birds and small animals by any means is a second order effect compared with the venality and corruption of the AGW scammers.

    Christina: hear hear!

  5. FEEG, I am no fan of (if you will excuse the pun) of these windmills, but I am no great lover of the murdering moggies that cause so much havoc to wildlife. I find the passion that many people have for their pets every bit as illogical as those who who pursue the AGW argument or even their religion or indeed any fanciful theory. People actually believe that their pets love them. It is my experience that most pets are tarts and will switch allegiance at the drop of a hat. Give a dog a bone or a cat a saucer of milk and they are won over.

  6. Sipu: I have to agree that I do not see the point of cats as pets, but a well trained dog can be a real friend.

  7. I have no doubt they will claim sabotage, so as not to lose the contract and to fleece us tax payers for more money.

    As for animals killing animals, sorry that is in their nature, cats are hunters and unlike dogs have never lost the instinct to hunt, even though they have a full stomach. When it comes to keeping pets no matter the animal, they are still an animal and will go to the easiest food on offer or the best head rub.

    As for keeping pets, I never understand why anyone keeps a dog indoors, they make the house stink and the owners clothes and hands as well. I am always wary of shaking hands with a dog owner as dogs tend to lick their owners hands after they have licked their own bollocks.

  8. My dogs are a damned sight cleaner than most immigrants and smell a lot better! It is called a BATH!

    Plus they are trained to attack cats which I detest. Three dogs roaring over five acres keeps all cats at bay, they keep watch at the patio door constantly. Needless to say we have lots of birds.

    I take them shopping at Petsmart so they can view the cats in cages for adoption every week to keep them sharp as to who is the enemy!
    One is currently barking her guts out at a chinese dancing dragon on the TV, (seriously weird, I wonder what it did to annoy her?)

    Sipu, I don’t think you own a dog or you would know better.

    One of my more serious omissions in life was not to learn bomb making technology from the boy, he offered many times but I always seemed to have more important things to do and no great need to blow anything up.
    Big mistake re wind turbines.

  9. CO, you are right, I do not own a dog but I know many. Funnily enough, despite my relative lack of admiration for them, dogs seem to love me. I can kick a dog or shout at it and it will still think I am the best thing since minced beef. People are always saying to me, ‘for someone who does not like dogs, it is amazing how much they like you’. The truth is I do quite like some dogs, but I am not obsessed by them.

    Some time ago I posted about this particular dog and its owner. Here is the rather sad update.

    I met the owner at a ball a few years ago and told her that before I would consider dating her I needed to know whether she owned a dog. She laughed and asked me why. I told her it was my experience that women who owned dogs were for the most part pretty demented and had a completely misplaced sense of priorities. She then explained to me her situation regarding her dog. It seems my prejudicial sentiments were entirely accurate. While I have some respect for her ability to fulfil her goals, I remain sceptical about the values of those goals and her obsession with canines. Inevitably our relationship, got off to a faltering start and went down hill from there, though I should hasten to add that in all other respects she is a perfectly charming person.

    In my view, intellect plays a significant part of any relationship, but as far as I can see, dogs have no intellect to speak of, just instinct and behavioural patterns based on training. Any claims of intelligence are entirely the product of their owner’s imagination.

  10. CO, let me add that a mixture of standard swimming pool chemicals and sulphur will achieve the desired result. Years of experimenting and a few very close calls taught me that.

  11. Sipu, I think the poor little fellow has been spared this trek up Mount Everest with snow deep enough to seriously cool his undercarriage by the car in San José.

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