‘All Hands on Deck’ – photo competition and short story competition: – closing 15th February 2013

My challenge for the photo competition this time is to submit photographs of hands – resting or active, aged or very young, or anywhere in between, singly or in pairs, working collaboratively or alone, helping hands or not… do feel free to submit a series, if you wish.

The closing date is midnight (UK) on 15th February, to give you a chance to include romantic Valentine gestures in your submissions. (nothing smutty of course)

And I thought I’d see if anyone wants to take up the challenge of making this the theme for the short story competition too? Same deadline.

Author: Sarah

No time to lose. No, time to lose. Make time to stand and stare.... Did you see that?

33 thoughts on “‘All Hands on Deck’ – photo competition and short story competition: – closing 15th February 2013”

  1. A theme? Hm – what about…. the middle? Seeing as we’re sitting pretty in the middle of winter.

  2. Great fun, Nym, I’m busy detaching hands from people but they all look a bit odd. and not very meaningful. I’ll come up with something no doubt.

  3. Why the equine obsession? “Hands that do dishes” are also symbols of man’s mastery over others.

  4. No problem here. If we can have an Authors’ Bogroll for cherished members, why not a Swiss Roll of Honour for competition winners?


  5. thank you Mr Royalist, I hope we have a few more too!

    Hands up, those who can contribute something this time…..

  6. Slight delay on looking at entries, due to other commitments…. new baby needing attentions. Will be back ASAP.

  7. Hello PapaG. I am aware that you and your family lived in that part of Oxfordshire, but I don’t believe you mentioned you were christened there.

    Very interesting church.

  8. Ara – my granny lived at “KIng’s Pool” at the bottom of the hill on which the church stands at the top . In more recent years, my auntie (she of the orange peel collection) was the tenant. In days of olde it is said that Henry 8th, who used to visit the Manor House nearby, once ducked one of his wives in the pool, which gave rise to the name “King’s Pool.” I was born Dec 1946, the hard cold winter, but it was only in March 1947 that the roads were clear of snow for the family to be able to travel into Ewelme for the christening! (I know Christina used to play bridge there – in the pub?)

  9. Hello PapaG.

    Lovely family recollections of a very ancient village,. It still seems to be going strong, a vibrant community. I very much enjoyed by visit there, and I thought of you.

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