Little Yuletide Eve

That’s today oop ‘ere: 23.12. Not sure how it started but when you think about it, it’s a smart idea. The big family event in these parts is tomorrow evening, but elsewhere that means quite often that half of the in-laws would have to wait until next year. But starting today means everybody can be fitted in every year! (I’ll leave cherished charioteers to decide if that’s necessarily a good thing!) SKÅL!

Author: Janus

Hey! I'm back ...... and front

3 thoughts on “Little Yuletide Eve”

  1. Btw, the beer label boasts of a beer that is ‘heavy’ (over-malted) and ‘tax-free’. Those were the days!

  2. Lot to be said for putting 2000 miles between one and the nearest relatives…………………….

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