Spot the common denominator.

A small group of incompetent civil servants totally screw up the west coast mainline bidding process. Cost of compensating the bidding firms estimated at £40M. Do those responsible pay or does the tax payer.

A few editors and newshounds, ultimately traceable, air a program outing an old man as a rampant kiddy fiddler without actually checking any of the facts. The Beeb is to be taken to court. Do those responsible pay or the licence fee payer.

A greedy shameless so called peer of the realm runs up extravagant official credit card bills of £286,000. Is he being taken to task or are they dropping the investigation and writing the debt off at the expense of the tax payer?

An MP decides she can better serve her constituents by getting her ugly mug on a jungle reality game show. She is going to pocket the ITV payment (minimum £10,000) but has pledged to give her MP wages for the 3 weeks to charity. Does the arrogant witch get to choose what to do with the public money or should payment be witheld and used by the penniless public purse?

A self absorbed MP discovers that by lying about which of her 3 properties is her second home, she can get 10s of 1000s of our cash to do up her beachhouse. When taken to task she claims to be mentally ill and unable to face trial. Will the tax payer ever see that money again?

I could go on but I think there is enough to establish a thread. Grrrrrr

13 thoughts on “Spot the common denominator.”

  1. I share your anger, but don’t even get me started on this one – it’s too close to the Olympics and my tail is still frizzy over that.


  2. Roll on the revolution!
    Most of the above would look better decorating lamp-posts. Mind you that is a little ‘continental’ howzabout heads on pikes on London Bridge?
    Of course after public beheading on the Tower Green. More traditional don’t you think?

  3. Christina: While I agree it would be great public entertainment to see these scum decorating London Bridge, maybe they could give back a bit more to society by acting as involuntary organ donors!

  4. I’m afraid Elf and Softy will not allow unsanitised heads on pikes in public places. They will have to be embalmed and sealed in shatter-proof plastic cases before being displayed, bearing a notice to the effect that they are unsuitable for human consumption.

  5. Don’t get too upset, Furry – you’re not alone!

    I, also, get pretty annoyed when people start screaming that they want ‘compensation’ from ‘The Government’, ‘The Banks” or any other institution – as if the Government had money that did not emanate from the tax-payer… Time, indeed, to make those responsible for the decisions personally accountable rather than allow them to hide behind ‘Corporate Responsibility’.which means that the tax-payer, licence-payer or customer foot the whole bill for their irresponsible behaviour.

    Heads on pikes might be entertaining – but I think the confiscation of all their assets (including those passed on to spouses, children or others) might serve the Public Purse a great deal better.

  6. Certainly Entwistle’s pension fund with the Beeb should be taken to pay some of the damages. I shudder to think what the Bercow cow will sell to raise money to pay her share!

    If not heads on pikes, how about a few hours in the stocks?

  7. Here’s another one with her grubby fist squarely plunged into the cookie jar. She has the bare faced cheek to defend robbing us of 20,000 a year, and pocketing a gratis city centre property for her portfolio. She has done nothing wrong? If I tried claiming for a hotel on the company when I was 19 miles away from home I know exactly what the result would be.

    I am looking forward to the Dispatches piece tonight at 8. They are always very thorough, mind you, Newsnight used to have a similar reputation :).

  8. When I had finished mopping up the tears caused by the thought of this woman waiting on cold station platforms, just as everyone else has to, I wondered why she didn’t use a car. Less traffic in the evening, MPs’ car park. Of course, that would prevent her having a quick one in the bar before setting off.

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