Chronicles of a Westcentric

My wife, with a group of friends, has just returned from a five day shopping/sightseeing trip to New York. She got the boys some cracking designer garb. I’m not into the branded stuff much myself. Me, I’m easy to clothe. Call me eccentric I don’t care, as long as there is no green on the garment I’ll wear anything. “Is there anything you want?” she asked me before she crossed the ocean to the Land of the Superpower. I noted the missing word darling from the end of her question but let it pass.

I said “Get us a couple of papers”. (This sentence might be construed as abrupt to non-Westcentrics but it is not in any way rude. It is common vernacular in the West). My little darling didn’t disappoint.

Seven newspapers, two magazines and three of the latest editions of American Marvels for old times sake. That’s a lot of print I have to get through. The bad thing is we are going to one of her relation’s wedding this afternoon (the lady is about to embark on her second spousal unit). And it is the whole shebang; nuptials, meal and evening reception. Thankfully, I don’t have to make a speech at this celebration but valuable reading time will be lost at this ceremony. It will be Sunday before I start ploughing thru the Stateside offerings. I might need to give the Sunday Times a body swerve this weekend.

15 thoughts on “Chronicles of a Westcentric”

  1. I’m also delighted that you haven’t shown the sports pages. I only last night started to watch my recording of Monday night’s Lions / Bears game (note home team second) and would have been devastated if the final score was visible 😉

  2. I’m afraid it is hideously apparent how much the UK consumer is ripped off when shopping this side. Trouble is most of it is cheap Chinese crap anyway! It is just that cheap Chinese crap is cheaper here than in the UK!

    I have to come to the UK to be able to buy decent European shoes and formal clothing. The thought of voluntarily actually paying to shop in NY is beyond a joke! Next time I’ll send you a Seattle Times for free as a consolation prize!

  3. JW, a body swerve indeed! You don’t get many of those to the pound these days, whatever the shape of the ball. St Lionel Messi may be an exception but the oval no. 10s are just passers and tacklers like the other 14, imho.

  4. Hmm. JM. I am not sure phrases such as ‘cracking designer garb’ are likely to roll easily off your Westcentric printing presses. But I could be wrong.

    I imagine you must feel sorry for the people of Hawaii, who are unable to look for further west for their inspiration.

  5. I have to return to the UK to find clothes that fit, are of a decent quality and are inexpensive.

    Never having shopped in the States I have no idea of either the quality or the price. I refuse to buy ‘designer’ garb… I reckon if manufacturers want me to walk around with a label advertising their goods they should pay me to do so and not expect me to do it for an exorbitant price.

  6. Morning all,

    Thanks for the comments. I don’t know where to start.
    Designer garb: it’s a young person’s thing. I don’t wear fancy labels myself unless I get some of the boys hand-me-down stuff that they don’t want any more.

    J-man. Agree completely, man. I always wonder how they can pick a man of the match in rugby. Must be done by lots.

  7. theroyalist :

    J-man. Agree completely, man. I always wonder how they can pick a man of the match in rugby. Must be done by lots.

    TR: Cannot let you get away with that one! It is normally obvious to anyone who has played Rugby who the man of the match is. Handling skills, kicking skills, tackling skills, scrummaging skills etc. are all apparent to those who know. Of course, with girlie ball, the man of the match is usually the best Thespian, who can pretend their leg is broken in three places, when all they have done is broken a fingernail 🙂

  8. Sipu :

    Sorry TR, I got the wrong Scot.

    Sipu, good evening.

    I think that I speak for both my close personal friend JW (who is,even now,limbering up for ‘Strip the Willow’ or the ‘Gay Gordons’ if he is attending a proper Jock wedding) and myself when I assure you that there has never, ever, been such a thing as a ‘wrong Scot’.

    Misguided, misinformed, mistaken, uninformed, misled, awry are all admitted possibilities. We just don’t do ‘wrong’, in our opinion.

    Well done Western Province, by the way. but I’m gutted that we’ve had two finals and nothing to show for it. The Sharks will be back!

  9. BO #7 Agree totally!

    Janus#5 LLBean used to do some good stuff but now they too import virtually all their catalogue from the Far East.
    I wouldn’t pay their inflated prices for cheap chink crap if I were you!

  10. One of the joys of living in California is that it’s fairly easy to find high-quality clothing from Europe, the Americas, and Asia. It’s also easy to mix-and-match and come up with creative wardrobes. In the 48 lesser states it’s just not the same.

  11. Good morning Mr Mackie. I am sure that you took some consolation from the fact that the winning team came from the Western centre of the world.

    Your comment about there being no such thing as a ‘wrong’ Scot, (British Rail would never have understood), reminded me of Joel Stransky’s remarks last night as he called for the Sharks to come and receive their ‘loser tankards’ which he swiftly corrected to their ‘runners-up tankards’. Political Correctness gone mad! 🙂

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