5 thoughts on “Photo #33 reminder”

  1. I say, Soutie! Keep it clean, this is a family site! ‘Blind-folded person with dropped towel’? Really!

  2. Yes, perhaps I should have posted after whenever the ‘watershed hour’ is wherever anybody is, still I’ve already got one ‘like’ so at least I’ve made one person is happy 🙂

    The ‘piece’ reminded me so much of Miss Derek who I had researched earlier for my rugby post, isn’t it strange where Google sometimes takes you when it wants?

  3. I don’t know what to say! Exploitative advertising for your man-post too! Btw, ‘piece’ is a pejorative term outlawed by feminists and gun-slingers.

  4. I would if I could, but I can’t , Soutie, provide any more entries that is.

    Decorating plays havoc with indoor art, and the photographing there of, even if I could find my camera, all the arty bits are all over the place.

    Sorry. 😦

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