Captain Hook

It is somewhat ironic that the hooked Hamza spent 8 years in the UK evading deportation to the USA.

Considering how much hatred he preached in Finsbury mosque you would have thought he would have been delighted to leave our shores, wouldn’t you? Perhaps the free council house and benefits for his vipers nest of a family were just too good to leave?  Or our misguided sense of justice extended seemingly only to murdering wogs in our midsts? I gather all mod cons are extended to such in British holiday camps/prisons.

I am delighted to see the Yanks had a private jet tooled up with engines roaring at Mildenhall ready to whisk him away before he could speed dial his barristers in their wine bars on a Friday night.  I am delighted to imagine him in the regulation orange jump suit with full shackles in 23 hour a day solitary, because that is where its at currently and for the foreseeable future.  It is so fortunate that American ideas of hospitality in prisons isn’t quite what he will be used to.  My only regret is that they didn’t take him straight to Guantanamo and water board him very, very slowly.  Not only that, we got 5 for the price of one!

I wonder how long it will take of the rest of his life behind bars for him to come to appreciate his unwarranted hospitality accorded to him in the UK and so carelessly derided and abused?  When they give him his first bacon sandwich?  He once compared the UK to a toilet, personally I would drop him in an oubliette and fill it slowly with sewage and sell tickets to see how long he could swim, but then I’m a  marginally vengeful type of human!  Thank heavens the Yanks who run such places are not too overwhelmed with the milk of human kindness towards terrorists and are not going to indulge him.  I suspect that he will remember his council house and benefits with great fondness in due course.  What chance of deporting any other of his relatives?

One silver lining to having him in New York, we will be able to watch him wriggling in court in due course, somehow I really don’t anticipate him being done any favours! Unlike those extended to him within the European so called justice system.  For once as a tax payer we might just get some entertainment for our tax dollars!

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

19 thoughts on “Captain Hook”

  1. I just loved the Yank plane fired up and vrooming to go on the tarmac at Mildenhall!

  2. I can’t see why it took 8 years all on legal aid paid for by me, when they can deport other British people on the flimsiest of evidence.
    Still I suppose lawyers have to earn a crust.

  3. I would be happy to contribute a couple of bob to send the rest of his disgusting family – apart from his sons who all seem to be in jail – to the USA so they can visit papa in prison for the rest of his life. Glad you appreciated our “Five for the price of One” offer, Christina!

  4. I too enjoyed watching the private jet take off.

    I look forward to the next installment 😉

  5. rr your no 3, you omitted the salient word of that sentence, should have read-

    ‘I can’t see why it took 8 years all on legal aid paid for by me, when they can deport other WHITE British people on the flimsiest of evidence.
    As a matter of curiosity had capt hook been given citizenship?

  6. Well the Yanks didn’t waste any time!!
    Straight off the plane and into court without his hook, wonderful!

  7. I have never flown the Atlantic in Gulfstream 350. The best I usually get is a 17 inch wide seat in BA 747 with 300 others, and I have to pay for it.

  8. Like many others I really wonder why ‘British Law’ allows these people to use British Money; to play delaying games.

  9. Low Wattage :

    I have never flown the Atlantic in Gulfstream 350. The best I usually get is a 17 inch wide seat in BA 747 with 300 others, and I have to pay for it.

    Indeed! I’d have sent him Jumbo steerage-class with two connections. All seats at the back next to a stinking toilet.

  10. I think that we should have arranged for him to be dead years ago. The law is too feeble and cumbersome to deal with people like him.

  11. Couldn’t agree more jazz. If the govt can waste our money on any variety of troublesome wogs they will!
    Sod the hospitals, the army whatever, just so the pc mob can feel good about themselves.
    Personally I would have felt a lot better seeing a bullet in the base of his skull, Lubyanka style!!
    Preferably as long ago as possible!

  12. Pretty low key on CNN and our news too.
    But a great deal of quiet satisfaction.
    Capt hook I believe knows full well it is no point creating a fuss because it will ‘butter no parsnips’ in an American court. The pc mob here lies low on the subject of homicidal ragheads since 9/11, quite different from the UK.

  13. Christina and LW, I saw a photo of a group of black bin-liners protesting on Hook’s behalf outside the High Court. I’d be happy to ship them over, steerage, to you to provide some hysterics.

  14. You don’t see too many of those bin liner models here or in NY, 9/11 reduced such with a variety of drive by shootings and ritual burning of mosques. Was all very quiet they tried to keep it off the national news but if you read the NY papers it was all there. (Spousal unit is n ex New Yorker so he tends to look at them periodically!)
    Yes, perhaps we should accept you kind invitation, a few in the streets of NY again might just foment a new round of red neckery.

    I was once fortunate enough to witness a drive by shooting in Memphis, three guys standing on the back of a pickup bed, dressed like the crackers they were, tooled up for the outbreak of the third world war. It was not a salubrious neighbourhood, as they approached a shabby dwelling they all just shot at the house, good thing nobody was in the yard, one could not call it a garden. One knew it was a total redneck dwelling because of the inestimable quantity of old car wrecks/refrigerators defunct on the front yard, no doubt to form a redoubt against their neighbours bullets.
    Bloody funny, nearly drove off the road laughing. I expect they had fallen out over a ball game or the quantity of Billy Bud beer consumed.
    Also seen fiery crosses burning on front gardens too, another local entertainment!!! Seriously wild place in it’s time.

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