5 thoughts on “Olympic Spirit”

  1. They’ve just had Oscar on the BBC breakfast sofa. First time I’ve heard the Olympic experience described as “fun-tus-tuk”, I have to admit.

    Honestly Soutie, I’ve been grappling with this conundrum from Day 1. Every respect to the bloke an’ all that, but there are the Paralympics in which he can (and wil)) perform, so why make an issue of competing elsewhere? Honestly, I don’t think he should be there anymore than Usain Bolt should enter for the Paralympic 100 metres.


  2. Howzit OZ

    As I understand it he’s too good for the para-Olympics, he walks the events, if you see what I mean.

    Apparently it’s his dream to compete against able bodied opposition and compete at these Olympics (and perhaps the next?)

    He denied nobody a place, there were over 50 entrants for the 400m. He came second in his heat and qualified for the ‘semis’ (top 24) in which he came last! (somebody has to)

    So, to be honest I don’t see a problem.

  3. Soutie, my dear chap, I never suggested for one moment that his presence denied a place to another athlete, just that I’m uncomfortable with the whole thing. We can argue until kingdom come about body mass and lactic acid buildup or the latent advantages of having springs on your legs, but in the end you can’t deny the existence of the Paralympics. If they did not exist then I would be the first to say, “Good on yer, mate and good luck”, but provision has been made.

    As for the ‘too good for the para-olympics’ bit, Usain Bolt has just become the first man in history successfully to defend his 100 and 200 metre sprint titles. Michael Phelps won 18 golds in his career and Sir Steve Redgrave won gold in five consecutive Games. Are they therefore ‘too good’ and if so, where should they compete?


  4. Morning all

    This post wasn’t meant to reopen the should he shouldn’t he debate, that was covered rather extensively on Bravo’s post (here)

    I enjoyed Zapiro’s take on the matter and simply wanted to share.

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