By jingo!

This is the Daily Telegraph Medals Table, as it stands:

Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 China 18 11 5 34
2 United States 18 9 10 37
3 South Korea 7 2 5 14
4 Great Britain 6 6 6 18
5 France 6 5 6 17

More importance is attached to the number of gold medals, and after that silver, than the overall medal tally.

However, USA Today displays them as follows:

Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 United States 18 9 10 37
2 China 18 11 5 34
3 Japan 2 6 11 19
4 Great Britain 6 6 6 18
5 Germany 5 8 5 18

The news paper attaches more importance to the overall number of medals. I wonder what would happen if China were to win fewer gold medals but more medals over all. Would USA Today put China in first place?

12 thoughts on “By jingo!”

  1. Well, seeing as the French now have one more gold but fewer medals over all than GB, perhaps the US way of presenting is better. πŸ™‚ France 4th, GB 5th.

  2. 8-6-7 for GB now thanks to the sprint pursuit boys and the divine Victoria so it really does not matter that much.

    We’re third either way unless the Frogs do something in the pool tonight. And we’ve still got Becky,

    C’mon GB.

    Sipu, good evening. Sorry that the weather is probably not going to be too clever to begin with for your return to the homeland. Give Fyrish a wave from me if you’re travelling north of Beauly while you’re up there.

  3. I think that the medal tables should be pro-rated by the population statistics.

    Lets face it, if you have one fifth of the worlds population you should be expected to win at least one fifth of the medals.

  4. Good evening JM. I am pretty sure I will pass Fyrish at some point and will certainly pass on your good wishes. Whenever I cross Cromarty Firth I am always aware how big the sky is. It is a lovely part of the world. With a bit of luck I may even get to cast a line, though to be frank I am not the greatest of fishermen. But with Olympic sentiments in mind, it is not the winning but the taking part that matters.

  5. I’m a bit biased as, when it comes to China-US matches I cheer for the Chinese, but yes…
    The Obamastanis, when they have fewer medals — but more gold — still rank themselves number one.

  6. Sipu, I knew we’d eventually agree!

    Btw, JM, Ben Ainslie and a few (more) rowers could also come up trumps.

  7. Thanks Sheona. I confess to being less than overly optimistic about the weather which has the advantage of avoiding disappointment.

  8. Ha ha, I recall friends asking me about the weather on my return from UK visits, my stock answer was always “one never travels to the UK for the weather! If I wanted a holiday with great weather I might as well stay at home!” πŸ™‚

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