It’s how you do it that counts, allegedly

From those wonderful folks who gave you Pearl Harbor (thanks to Jerry Della Femina for the quote), it is now clear that the true spirit of the games has been revived at last. Their pommel-horse gymnast fell off. But after due consideration the judges decided he did it really nicely – so he could still help his team to the silver medal.

This is all because new events involving really nice falling are soon to be added to the Olympic corpus. They’ll do it from bikes, horses and pole-vault poles, into ditches, ponds and pits respectively.

Jolly good show, chaps!

I hasten to add that I am not in the least upset that the decision robbed Team GB of the silver!

Author: Janus

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10 thoughts on “It’s how you do it that counts, allegedly”

  1. We should do really well at this event! Our town centre’s are full of dedicated young people practising their falling down skills every Friday and Saturday night at closing time!

  2. Apparently, he didn’t fall off, it was an “involuntary dismount” Has Mandelson somehow been involved in writing the rule book here?

  3. Pearl Harbour is fine as well. It was actually “Pearl Harbour” until the Americans decided to relieve Hawai’i
    of its independence, so that enforced misspelling is of dubious legitimacy.

  4. Christopher, I’d better stick to the ‘-or’ spelling to avoid an international incident. 😉

  5. I see that my own sport, badminton, is now beset by scandal! Some orientals ‘not trying’ to avoid meeting compatriots in the next rounds. In my playing days until the advanced age of 46, I can’t remember ever having to try to lose. 😉

  6. Môre Janus. Apparently they’re all doing it…

    “Le Clos’s performance came on a day when Banyana Banyana scored a famous draw against world champions Japan.

    However, the gloss of that result was dimmed by a Japanese defender’s claim that they were playing to finish second in the group behind Sweden.

    Their plan, apparently, was to face hosts Great Britain earlier rather than later.

    “It was the coach’s instruction that we wanted to stay in Cardiff and come second in the group,” said Azusa Iwashimizu.

    “So it was difficult to play, but I understood his idea because it is something we needed to do in order to get a medal.

    “As a defender it was the same as usual because we did not want to be beaten by South Africa,” she added.

    “South Africa had some good qualities, especially [Portia Modise], who scored against Sweden, so we were alert to that. But overall we concentrated and focused on the game.”

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