Cuts in the forces

Not being military minded, nor really understanding anything about the forces other than they are a necessity. Can someone explain the logic in cutting our military forces.

If we do not have the money to keep these guys employed then surely the sensible answer is to bring them back from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other place that we should not be any where near.

The money saved will keep our forces going for some time to protect our shores and people.

Or are my thoughts the mad ravings of a constipated baboon?

Author: ricksrant

I am perfect, well I think so and I am never wrong so it must be true.

13 thoughts on “Cuts in the forces”

  1. Sorry, your premise is faulty – there’s no ‘logic’ involved. If there were, the first place people would have looked to cut waste would be the obese Ministry of Defence…

  2. We need strong armed forces as of now and always will. It is sheer lunacy to cut them when they are about the only part of the public sector that should be expanded. We could do without 50% of the rest!

    As Bravo says, there is no logic involved!

  3. Absolutely agree, there is no logic involved and I absolutely disagree with these cuts. The MOD is hugely inefficient, and any cuts should start there. All our services are stretched as it is, and in a recession, how on earth can these highly trained troops hope for any reasonable employment?

    It’s a terrible mistake and a dreadful waste.

  4. Sorry to be a Thomas, but where is the evidence of a fat MOD? Isn’t one reason for cuts that armies have changed from being cannon-fodder to IT nerds?

  5. I’m probably putting my foot in my mouth again. I can understand why we have a Defence Force – but no one has ever managed to explain to me why we have to keep sending our young men and women overseas to fight other people’s wars.

    I don’t know if the MoD is inefficient or over-staffed – I can well believe it is because there has been a trend to expand jobs at the top while reducing those at the bottom. Whatever – money (and more important lives) could be saved by bringing troops home from those places we should never have gone to in the first place.

  6. I’m not sure that ‘we should never have gone in the first place.’ I am sure, however, that we should have gone, done the job, and left again.

    On the MOD.

    While Britain has just two active silors, soldiers and airmen, (airpersons?) for every civil servant in the Ministry of Defence, France has almost five, Spain has almost eight and several smaller countries have many more. The MoD employs 85,730 civil servants.

    Separate figures showed that the MoD spent more than £61 million on public relations last year – enough to pay the annual wage bill for 3,656 new privates in the Army.

    …although why you need a ratio of even one to eight is beyond me.

  7. Bravo – I had no problems with going into Afghanistan – was not in favour of Iraq.

    But the ‘job’ that we went to do in Afghanistan seems to have changed from the original purpose. So on that I most certainly agree:

    we should have gone, done the job, and left again.

  8. Breaking news: Soldiers to strike over job losses and cuts to allowances. Front line troops in Afghanistan and Iraq will be replaced by firefighters, ambulance drivers and binmen refuse operators…

  9. Totally agree with the first three comments. When cutting costs, HQ (the MOD in this case) is the last to be affected because all the ‘decision-makers’ are safely ensconced in HQ.

    Janus – The evidence is that a MOD typist can ‘win’ more compensation for a ‘repetitive stress injury’ than is offered to a front line soldier with horrific and permanent injuries incurred on active duty.


  10. Seems everyone echoes my thoughts.

    Bravo I like your comment (10) the idea of firemen replacing soldiers makes me laugh, imagine they wouldn’t be able to hold down their second and third jibs if they did.

  11. I have to confess, the comment wasn’t original – came from an Army chat board. Do you detect a little bitterness behind the humour… ?

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