Erm excuse me…

So our hard working, honest and conscientious ministers are to boycot the Euro 2012 football farce.

But if we should scrape through to the semis in Poland they will attend because the Poles are nice and the Ukes are nasty.

My thought is this, why are they going on a freebie ticket to watch any sport when we are supposed to be saving every tax penny? What political boon is there to them showing their embezzling, weasel faces at any game? That’s right you heard me, GAME.

Yet even more proof, were it ever required that these morons do not inhabit the same planet as the rest of us.

13 thoughts on “Erm excuse me…”

  1. You miss my point Jay Dubya,

    Never mind a boycot because you don’t like their politics, the MPs should not even consider going on account of there being no cash in the piggy bank for jolly junkets and freebies to anywhere.

  2. Exactly so ferret. Heartily concur!
    Wait till those bloody games start and then watch the freebies. Don’t watch you will have a heart attack!
    About time the son’s of bitches paid their own way all round when home service for old white people are being withdrawn left right and centre.
    A girlfriend of mine has an old people’s home. She tells me that they used to have referrals from the council and were asked to provide respite care etc etc, all dried up, Her only business is all private now, other homes are the same in the area, she is in Llandovery. not exactly overrun with immigrants! The councils are refusing to pay for the geriatrics and refusing home services at the same time. So what do you think the state of the poor souls? Starving unable to cook for themselves, meals on wheels withdrawn, need I go on?
    Those councils still have twinning jollies though!!!
    The whole bloody thing is DISGUSTING.
    I really cannot understand why the British are so supine and why they do not get on their hind legs about it all. How much worse does it have to get?

  3. Spot on, Ferret. It’s not as if the politicians would be any use and I’m sure the England team won’t care whether they’re there or not.

  4. As long as pollies have unfettered access to other people’s money they will do just as they please. What also angers me is how many ‘hangers’ on they take with them on their jollies.

  5. Boadicea :

    As long as pollies have unfettered access to other people’s money they will do just as they please. What also angers me is how many ‘hangers’ on they take with them on their jollies.

    Quite so, Boadicea. Governments do not ‘invest’ in this or that because they have no money to invest; instead they spend money extracted from the taxpayer who earned it and then have the cheek to suggest that it is immoral, legally I may add, to deny governments access to further nett income through some arrangement that the governments did not envisage. OK, tax evasion may be illegal, but tax avoidance is a victory for the common man.


  6. Agreed OZ,

    But in the case of the K2 scheme, only paying 1% tax because you found a fiddle is ever so slightly wrong.

    I don’t mind people offsetting one against the other to come up with a slight beneficial reduction in tax, but that is taking the absolute michael. It sounds like the same stunt Rangers were playing with their staff wage scheme. That too was wrong IMHO.

    It does grip my exhaust when I hear of selfish politicos squandering that money to either line their own pockets or finance a non political junket like this one. As Boadicea pointed out, it won’t just be a couple of trough snouting MPs but aides, family and no doubt business aquaintences too. Then they have the outright cheek to suggest others have no morals?

  7. Hi Ferret, I was at a market in Cirencester about 10 days ago and saw man selling hand crafted wooden pens. I went and introduced myself, but it was not you. So that was a pity. I know you are from up north, but I thought that you might be touring.

  8. Hee Hee Sipu,

    There are quite a few pen makers in merry old England. You would be surprised. If I had been ‘touring’, believe me I would have found a better place than Cirencester. 🙂

    How are you enjoying your little trip?

  9. The problem is that the British tax system, like most others world-wide I expect, is far too complicated and is created mainly for the benefit of civil servants and tax accountants. SImple taxes are difficult to avoid.

  10. H i Ferret,
    Apart from the fact that I don’t like the game (several of the players could give Tom Daly serious competition in a diving contest) it’s totally unacceptable. Maybe that nice Mr Cable has something after all. Not only should the senior exec’s of major companies reveal their complete financial package, much of which he says is hidden in the small print, lets roll it out across the board to include MP’s and senior civil servants as well

  11. However, the frugal Frau Merkel turned up in Danzig (German nomenclature for the match with Greece) in the same green jacket she was photographed wearing in Rome only hours earlier. She joked with M. Platini and clapped in all the right places.

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