Nasty stinging things

Imagine this. You go to bed tonight and as you are settling down to sleep you hear a loud buzzing sound; there in the room with you is a large WASP with a very long sting.

Your choices are –

  1. swat it,
  2. open a window and let it out,
  3. go to sleep and hope it does not sting you.

Now personally I would go for option 1, followed by 2, but no way would I pick 3.

The reason behind this blog?

Well I just read in the paper that Qatada has been refused bail in case he absconds the country and that the police will not have the man power to keep track of him.

Surely our choices should be swat him or open the doors and let him run away from the UK to another country where he will not cost us a penny and we will be rid of him. The thought of keeping him here to sting us in the future is beyond belief.

Author: ricksrant

I am perfect, well I think so and I am never wrong so it must be true.

6 thoughts on “Nasty stinging things”

  1. You forgot:

    4. Squirt it with wasp killer!

    Less effort than swatting it 🙂

  2. I’ll go with FEEG’s option 4 – unfortunately one can’t do that with humans! I reckon option 2 for Qatada, with a bit of encouragement, is the best option.

  3. I doubt he would go, why would he?
    After all he gets the chance in the UK to bite the hand that feeds him, literally!
    Can’t see any other place being sufficiently deluded to give him a free ride can you?
    Personally I would arrange a quiet ‘accident’.
    So a metallic version of No 4.

  4. I do occasionally despair.

    Rick, I suppose it didn’t occur to you, but your first response to this situation should have been utterly different.
    Get your blooming camera! Forget personal safely, but just shoot it!

    Imagine, you might have won the photography competition!

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