The Cattle are lowing

Just returned from a welcome break in Yorkshire, we stayed at Beningbrough Hall in the flat above the old laundry, 8 miles from York centre..

The weather was brilliant and not at all expected, sunny and hot every day; and there was me with winter clothing. Still one stop at the retail park and all was well.

What can one say about Yorkshire, the people are always friendly, and the food is good as is the ale. The countryside is beautiful and the sites magnificent and all fairly close together so not too much driving about.

Castle Howard is really opulent and worth a visit, the staff really enjoyed their work and loved to tell us everything, a whole day spent there and in the gardens.

Other places to see Nostell priory, East Riddlesden Hall (really homely), Nunnington Hall (I could move in tomorrow) plus countless castles and Abbeys.

The only mishap was at 2 am on Wednesday morning we were awoken by the klaxon of the fire alarms going off, and no way to reset the damn thing. Finally we managed to raise someone on the estate, a gardener who found a key to disable the alarm but could not silence the bleeping; at least the bleeping was in another room so we did get back to sleep. They believe there was a power cut as other alarms tripped in the house, but did not go off.

York centre is great as long as you do the park and ride, parking in York is around £10 for 6 hours, plus masses of traffic lights to dissuade any cars from the centre, lights that allow buses through without any hold up.

Why the title? Well the only sound at night was the mooing of the cattle that surrounded the house. Every few seconds a loud “moo” or a disgruntled “moo” was heard, I found the sound very relaxing and a damn sight better than cars screeching past or commuter doors slamming away.

Still back to reality now and grass that has shot up to over 6 inches high.

Author: ricksrant

I am perfect, well I think so and I am never wrong so it must be true.

7 thoughts on “The Cattle are lowing”

  1. How lovely, Rick; it’s a very pleasant part of the country.

    I haven’t been to Castle Howard for years, but it’s one of my favourites.

  2. Yorkshire is second to none for variety and the grandeur of its landscapes. The Dales, the Moors, the Wolds, the coastline and York itself.

  3. How nice, I used to spend my summer holidays in Yorkshire as a child. I always rather like Ripon, there used to be a bakery that made the best fresh pork pies!
    Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. I went to Castle Howard years ago and loved the place… must go back one day. York is son’s second uni choice… so there may be a chance 🙂

  5. I like Ripon too. The last time I visited was by boat on the canals. Unfortunately we couldn’t get onto the Ouse. It was Red Carded for narrow boats. It is a tricky exit from the lock and they had a couple of boats misjudge it and smash into the bridge.

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