Know wha’ I mean, ‘Arry?

It’s a regular event much anticipated by so many (even if not here!): the mouth-watering appointment of a new England footie manager. After Capellogate and while the incident-prone Terry continues to amuse, the pundits were certain that our ‘Arry (er, Redknapp, if you don’t read the sports news) would get the nod from the sweet FA.

Why? Well, he’s an ‘insider’ whose latest club, the fabled Spurs, has done good – at least, they were doing good until he was mooted as the next National Supremo, the ‘fans’ favourite choice’. But just a minute. Is this the ‘Arry who was rumoured to have been up to no good at West Ham while Billy Bonds was the local hero? The ‘Arry who was in court for acquiring wodges of wonga he didn’t account for, allegedly? The ‘Arry with the dicky ticker? The ‘Arry who claims he never writes a letter or looks at his bank account? Yes, but that’s the stuff of popularity, it seems.

West Bromwich Albion manager Roy Hodgson approached over vacant England role by the Football Association

But the FA have confounded the armchair experts once again. The new boss will be Roy Hodgson, whose doleful countenance will reflect the fans’ frustrations as England continues to disappoint. It’s just how it is. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

And here’s the one -liner: It’s not ‘Arry with the Bagage, it’s Roy from the Baggies! (Google if you have to.)

Author: Janus

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11 thoughts on “Know wha’ I mean, ‘Arry?”

  1. Soutie :

    And if he doesn’t get a top 4 finish at this years Euro I hear Kenny will be next. ;)

    Naeh. Kenny’s going for a sainthood.

  2. I am not a soccer fan and am thus not completely familiar with all the personalities involved in the English game. However cannot help but noictice that Harry Redknapp seems to attract disapproval as a potential England manager though I do not really understand the reasons why this should be.

    His club has done well in the Premiership.
    He is popular with English fans.
    He was found innocent of tax evasion.
    He is not posh, probably his singular most redeeming feature in the current social climate.
    He is dyslexic which puts him on par with the majority of English fans who also appear to be illiterate despite their not being diagnosed as such. Dyslexia seems to have done no harm to Richard Branson who, with other leaders has proved that it is not necessarily an impediment to running a major organisation.
    He is English.

    Is it possible that no potential manager exists that is capable of receiving general approval? I only ask.

  3. Not being a football fan either, (I support Woking and Brighton & Hove Albion), I’m delighted the FA have seen sense.

    ‘Arry is as dodgy as hell and is the least professional professional in the game. Roy is a true English professional from Croydon with managerial experience all over the world, even in South Africa, and has been successful as both a club and international manager.

    Well done the FA.

  4. I haven’t read the comments yet Janus but wonder if Tottenam’s improved performance yesterday is suggestive of ‘Arry boy being commited to the Spuds. If Roy is offered the job in preference to Harry then it smacks of the FA being more circumspective and more measured. Personally, I would have liked Harry Boy to have had a crack over two years as i do beleive he has a brand of football that would ignite both players and supporters. My worry for Roy is this: What are the players expectations of Roy as man and Manager? I like Harry Boy’s comic presentation as the Artful Dodger! Big footy game tonight!

  5. PG, tonight’s clash will probably bring some fireworks from Balotelli or Tevez. Who can guess what the footie will be like though?

  6. Janus, I doubt whether Balotelli will be deployed; there will be enough fireworks on the pitch without his black humour. Personally I hope Man City win though I would want United to win the league .I shall have a few drinks and relish the combat. I expect Tevez x to be on fire and Fergie to run out of gum.

  7. Any how, the Daily Mirror reckons it’s all down to ‘Arry not being prepared to live in the Midlands. His choice, voiced by his wife.

  8. FYI

    Here’s the current poll from the DM (10 minutes ago)

    An unusual way to phrase the question I thought.

  9. Soutie, g’dag! I think it is in Roy’s favour that he couldn’t live at Anfield where an English accent has rarely been heard.

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