31 thoughts on “On This Day – 29th April”

  1. 3. Nice pic of the Radcliffe Camera library and All Souls (‘?) College, Oxford but what, I wonder?

  2. Morning, Boadicea. Good to have a quiz again. πŸ™‚

    No 8 is Frogmore, and I’m assuming that it is connected with Wallis Simpson’s funeral.

  3. #5 Was this the day Percy Shaw patented cats eyes, or they were first installed?

  4. Araminta – I’ve been rather remiss of late! A quiz usually gets some attention! You are right on 8, 7 and 9.

    Sorry Sipu – Araminta got there first.

    Quite right FEEG !

  5. #3 I know the Bodielian and Radcliffe were especially opened to the public on the Royal Wedding Day. Is it that simple?

    BTW, Great to see the quiz again, Thanks Boadicea πŸ™‚

  6. 4 Lloyd George, 1909 budget, tax increases for various spurious crap such as pensions. extended the remit of collecting down the social scale from the rich only. Taxes onland ownership. (God rot him!)

  7. Bo you should have lived in my house! My father used to endlessly carry on about Lloyd George and his bloody taxes even in the 60s! I guess he was about old enough to remember the original happening.
    It was very bad news indeed to mention Lloyd George in our house!!! He’d rave about it for days.

  8. Oops! Aramainta and Janus – wrong photo! It was supposed to be Thomas Beecham born 1879. 😳

    Clue for Oxford: On this day Oxford opened its doors to…

  9. I suppose I should take Christina’s comment – although she has given me three options. πŸ™‚

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