Je m’appelle Hollande

Francois Hollande is kissed by a supporter in Tulle, France, 21 April 2012

Eet eez ze same as a rosbif with ze name Ireland. But 400 years of ‘istory makes me French, Francois. Not like my old ami Dominique – ‘alf Alsatian, ‘alf Tunisian – un chien. As you see, moi, je préfère ze more ‘ow you say mature ladies. Zut alors!

Author: Janus

Hey! I'm back ...... and front

5 thoughts on “Je m’appelle Hollande”

  1. On a French news website yesterday there was a photo of Monsieur Hollande and his partner Valérie. She was the scruffiest looking French lady I have seen. Bit of work to be done if she’s going to be the first lady of France. No sign of Botox, though.

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