8 thoughts on “What about an apposite caption?”

  1. “The ‘Elf and Softy stopped me breathing fire. So what’s your gripe this time?”

  2. Mr George, that cross on your shield is a Christian symbol and therefore offensive to my religious sensibilities and those of others in the community. Remove it immediately or I will have to report you to the authorities.

  3. You just wait until I am upgraded to NVidia Geoforce graphics. Then I will show you who is boss!

  4. George: How very odd. Have you noticed there are shadows and a rainbow and yet it is night?

    Dragon: Yes, I do find it somewhat puzzling.This must be a fantasy world.

    Horse: Niegh! Never mind let’s just play. Who’s turn first?

  5. As a matter of curiosity why have I been portrayed as a dinosaur again?
    Gurgle, gurgle.

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