12 thoughts on “I’m not Saying.”

  1. “Sure, I’d keep some back for myself and my family, but I’d give most of it away to deserving causes, like members of Boadicea’s Chariot” said Irena Gomez, an officer worker who was next in the queue. “Nobody needs that much money.”

    Hearken to that advice LW!

    (Yep I tweaked one of the quotes from the press article.)

  2. We will look forward to your next set of photos, to see how exotic your next trip is 🙂

  3. ricksrant :

    ….and it wouldn’t change my life.

    (yeh right)

    …his shapely, 20-year-old spokesgirl breathlessly announced to journalists. 😀


  4. Akshully, we talk about this occasionally in The Bar. The general consensus, with which I and the NSW agree, is that there is nothing we would want to change as regards location (The Cave is very precious to me), but I would want a new “topo de gama” Range Rover on which to spend the purchase price yet again on goodies from specialist engine tuners and suchlike. And we would do the world tour in some style, visiting all the places neither of us has been to before apart from Brisbane ‘cos I want to buy Bearsy and Boadicea a cold one or five. After some serious anonymous charitable donations, the rest goes into trust for the cubs.


  5. Backside has just shouted from his cage that he definitely demand surgery to get away from me. You see, money can’t buy me love.

  6. OZ, Don’t forget the recovery vehicle. I am sure you would have enough to buy a Toyota as well, which I would be more than happy to drive that for you.

  7. “Some 625 million tickets were expected to have been sold, more than two for every American resident, even though statistically it was an extremely poor bet.”

    How much does each ticket cost? If it is $1 each, then the lottery must be run at a loss. But maybe it was just 625 million since the previous draw!

  8. $1 each and drawn twice a week.
    No it doesn’t make a loss a great source of revenue for the States which most give to good causes like education funds for students.

    Dammit somebody won my prize!

  9. Hello Sipu: Megamillion tickets are $1, the 625 million tickets quoted were sold after the draw on Tuesday and before Friday evening (drawings are Tuesday and Friday). Of the $625 million from tickets sales (in three days) 50% went to the prize pool, 35% went to the participating States (around 30) and 15% is admin. cost and seller incentives. So the prize pool increased by about $310 million in the three days before the Friday draw. Typically the prize pool for next Tuesday’s fresh start draw will be about $15 million and will roll forward until a winner is found. Odds on a single ticket win are about 1 in 170 million.

    This lottery, like all others, is basically a tax on the stupid, participation is highest amongst the poorest and least numerate sections of society.

    I rarely buy tickets, but…….

  10. Thanks LW. I sort of thought that that was what was meant. It is interesting how people buy lottery tickets, when in reality they have no chance of winning. Yes I know somebody wins it eventually, but as you say, it is 1 in 170 million that a specific ticket will win. The way I deal with it is to have my special numbers which I check each week. Inevitably they don’t come up and thus I reckon I have won a few $ by not buying. Just so long as they don’t come up!!!

    But…..if I were to win 640 million, I think I would spend a significant portion of it making the world aware of the massive corruption and incompetence of the South African government. These ANC people are just so f*****g awful.

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