10 thoughts on “Please don’t hurt my Mom”

  1. evening Ara & Sheona

    I’m pretty sure that this is simply a mother (at rest) and calf (doing what youngsters do i.e being a nuisance)

    I’ve pics of rhino mothers relaxing, especially during the heat of the day with their calves close by, no need for heartbreak or a rescue here.

    I thought it just too cute a pic not to share 😉

  2. Well I’m glad you cleared that up!
    Whether it was alive or dead being a key question in a continent that can’t keep its hands off the only things worth a tinkers cuss. The wild animals!

  3. Hello Mrs. O

    There’s a few other giveaways.

    No blood on the mothers head
    No blood on the grass
    I can actually see the bottom of her horn under the calf’s front legs
    If the mother was indeed dead or injured there’s no way that the calf would be there, the rangers would have removed it pronto.

    I’m pretty sure that she’s just trying to take a nap 😉

  4. Beautiful photo, Soutie.

    I’m glad to hear that about the investigation.

    “If they are found to have breached hunting laws, organisers and hunters can face imprisonment or a fine of up to $500 000 (about R4-million), Rodrigues said.” They deserve worse than that, much worse.

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