City slicker

They won’t let me embed this clip here, I like the picture so I’m leaving it. Members who wish to refresh their memory of this funny scene will unfortunately have to watch it on youtube, please do, it sort of sets the scene for my post.

We have a PVR satellite receiver, it’s one of those clever machines which allows a family to watch 2 different channels and record a third. The recording function allows a claimed 150 hours of recording on a single hard drive. In the 3 years that we’ve had it, I’ve never recorded anything (the family do, all the time.) I’ve recently become a NASCAR fan, the races are normally broadcast in the early morning hours here so recently I have asked the family to show me how the recording / playback function works.

Prior to leaving home Sunday morning I used my recently discovered skill to set the machine to record the Malaysia Grand Prix. It was a most inconvenient starting time of 10am here, (night races are good for me Bernie, please have a word!)

Returning home just after 1pm I looked at Mrs. S who was sitting in the lounge watching something or other and asked her to move to the TV room as I wanted to watch the race, as she got up I remembered that I’d programmed the machine to record the delayed broadcast of the NASCAR Nationwide race from California which inconveniently started at 1pm.

As she was leaving the room I called her back and asked “can I watch my recording of the Grand Prix while the thing is recording the NASCAR for me?”

“Yes” she nodded.

She was right, I could and did.

I’ve related this story to my mates this past couple of days (with the City Slicker reference) we all agree, that’s pretty darn clever!

One thought on “City slicker”

  1. I hear about such magical devices from my children, Soutie, but I’m not a great TV fan, so I’m unlikely to feel the need to possess one.

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