Trumps shoot leopard

Eric and Donald pose with their kill

So the Trump boys came to Southern Africa, went to Vic Falls (Zim) and shot a leopard. (article here)

They also shot an elephant, a buffalo a waterbuck, a civet cat, a crocodile and a kudu. I have no problem with the hunting of animals which are in plentiful supply but a leopard!

Surely if the parks up at Vic Falls (Zimbabwe) have an oversupply of leopards they could be relocated down here? To remove this magnificent example from the gene pool makes me angry.

Eonline quotes the brothers in a joint statement “We have the utmost respect for nature and have always hunted in accordance with local laws and regulations. In addition, all meat was donated to local villagers who were incredibly grateful. We love traveling and being in the woods—at the end of the day, we are outdoorsmen at heart.”

(Nobody eats leopard!)

40 thoughts on “Trumps shoot leopard”

  1. Bastards! I’d give ’em a small penknife each and chuck them into a pit full of hungry leopards by way of evening up the odds.


  2. This is nothing but wanton destruction. The way they responded to criticism for their actions is typical of many Americans — thin skinned but condescending at the same time.

  3. I’m struggling with words which will show my complete horror. Arrogant b ————-

  4. A great shame there wasn’t a ‘dreadful accident’!
    May they be attended by bad karma.
    Hope their bastard aeroplane falls out the sky.

    Surely these creatures are protected species?

  5. I feel totally outraged by this idiot, but why was he allowed to do this?

    I too was under the impression that leopards were protected, but it seems not to be so if you have sufficient money. Utterly disgusting, in my opinion.

  6. My point is that had this pair of fokkers not won the gene pool lottery (i.e. an extremely rich daddy), they would be festering in a trailer-park in Montana, hunting a skunk for lunch.

    I used to supprt the politics of Sarah Palin until I discovered the plump-chested bitch believes shooting wolves from a helicopter is acceptable.


  7. They are certainly protected here in South Africa, nuisance animals (threats to livestock and/or villagers) would be captured and relocated in preference to shooting them.

    We doubt that permits would be granted for hunting leopard (they are however issued for rhino) and even if one was there would be a heck of a lot of red tape and questions.

    Which makes me wonder why the Trumps chose Zimbabwe for their African adventure, perhaps the regulations up their are easier to circumvent.

  8. Hi Soutie, I think to a large extent you and I have the same views on hunting. I would not want to hunt my self, but I accept that it serves a valid purpose. While I do not hugely admire what the Trump boys have done, I can understand the thrill of it. It must have been an awesome experience. Many have accused them of cowardice. I strongly disagree. Hunting big game is extremely hard work and very dangerous. I know several people who have been badly mauled and had a cousin who was actually killed by a buffalo that he had wounded.

    I think the crux of the matter lies with the governing authorities and the hunting fraternity themselves. I know in the old days, Rhodesian National Parks were very capable of managing the game populations. A certain degree of culling was necessary and the money that hunting brought in was put to good use. I know several hunters, most of them now ex-hunters who were active until fairly recently when age got the better of them. They are good, decent people who care intensely about the environment. Even taking a cynical point of view, they know that killing the golden goose is not a great idea. For them, hunting in all its forms, has to be sustainable.

    Of course, these ‘white hunters’ are of a different breed to the ZANU politicos who take an entirely different approach. They requisition hunting concessions and shoot anything that move for whatever price they can get.

    I would be loath to judge the operators who provided the Trump boys with the means to hunt their leopard, until such time as I had heard their story. It is quite possible that within their concessions, populations are managed well and that they can better protect their populations this way rather than have them spread to other areas where they will be shot indiscriminately.


  9. Since we are on the subject of African Wildlife, here is an organisation that is doing its best to keep alive the animals of Hwange National Park in north west Zimbabwe, not far from where the Trumps shot the leopard. One of my old school mates, who still lives in Zimbabwe, is one of the main organisers and fund raisers. He has contacted all the old boys of our year to raise funds to provide drinking water to the elephants and other animals. In the good old bad old days, when Rhodies were in charge, the park was one of the finest in Africa with wonderful lodges, water holes and a huge variety of animals. Since freedom and democracy was bestowed on that country, the park’s infrastructure has since fallen into disrepair, many of the lodges abandoned, the boreholes destroyed and the game poached.

    If anybody is interested in learning more about how they can help, please visit this website.

  10. @15 – I made the first of many visits to Mozambique shortly after the end of the civil war there. Wild animals and game had flourished during the unpleasantness because foreign trophy hunters, for some reason, did not fancy the idea of being hunted themselves or stepping on a land mine. The good thing was that when order had been restored, the government encouraged photographic tourism rather than hunting, the result being that animals were shot with nothing more lethal than a Nikon. Top job.


  11. Sipu, “I know several people who have been badly mauled…. ” Sorry to say I have little sympathy for people who mess with wild animals. Or play with guns for that matter. Mrs J’s oldest brother btw is an avid hunter of anything that breathes unless human. I wonder when alpha-males get old enough to realise that their pathetic demonstrations of power mean absolutely nothing.

  12. Hi Janus, was not asking for nor expecting sympathy. There are some people who genuinely love the danger and adrenaline risk. For some it is motor racing, or contact sports, ocean racing, mountaineering etc. Risks are high and usually understood. Hunting is just one of those. I would be bored to death if I was not able to risk my life occasionally, though I admit, I do it less frequently than I used to. It takes all sorts.

  13. Some years ago we acquired a neighbour here that wanted to shoot everything he could on Sumas mountain, (the lump right behind us)
    I thought oh no you don’t!
    So I pointed it out that everything was owned land on the mountain and in order to stay alive he really had better ask permission first and that half the neighbours were psychos who would use a rifle from their bedroom windows to shoot in the direction of any gunfire on their land.

    Needless to say cowardice won out, I used to watch him firing arrows at bales in the garden instead!
    I do object to people pot shotting at creatures they have no intention of eating. Who wants to eat brown bear and coyotes for God’s sakes?
    They have little enough habitat left with the overbreeding of humanity. I am glad to say that here there is a bit of a conspiracy to keep our local mountain undershot by the surrounding owners. We prefer the animals to the people, that is why we live here.

  14. Sipu, “I would be bored to death if I was not able to risk my life occasionally, though I admit, I do it less frequently than I used to. It takes all sorts.”

    What I object to the idea that such exploits can involve innocent animals. By all means hunt each other!

  15. A quick poll yesterday of about 30/40 people (some of them hunters) all agreed that hunting leopard was simply not on, distasteful was the general feeling.

    A CITES certificate (tag) is required for shooting elephant, leopard and crocodile(?)

    But it’s legal, raises money for wildlife and the parks so I guess I’ll just have to live with it 😦

  16. A quick estimate of the costs..

    elephant $12-17,000,
    buffalo $3,000
    waterbuck $1,800
    civet cat $550
    crocodile $5000
    kudu $1,350
    leopard $5,000

    totaling ± $30,000

    add accommodation expenses of ± $2,000 each for say 10/12 days.

  17. Anyway, who says animals are innocent? Wild animals certainly are not innocent.

    Big fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite ’em
    Little fleas have smaller fleas and so ad infinitum.

    The reverse is also true.

    If you do not believe in a ‘higher power’, which clearly you do not, then nobody owes anything to anybody, let alone another species. Nature dictates that we are all just animals trying to survive as best we can. If saving animals increases your chances of survival and procreation, then by all means save animals. But if killing them raises your stature amongst your peers and the opposite sex, thus increasing your chances of reproducing, then that is fine too.

  18. Sipu, “If you do not believe in a ‘higher power’, which clearly you do not, then nobody owes anything to anybody, let alone another species.”

    Where to begin? I am amazed that any civilised attitudes which may have been within your reach during your formative years have made no impression on your psyche whatever. You are displaying inhumanity as an art form!

  19. But Janus, who or what defines humanity? You? David Cameron? Barakc Obama, Richard Dawkins? Genghis Khan? The socialist movement, the vegan movement, the communist movement, the capitalist movement, Shamans, Christians, Muslims, the Aborigines of Australia, the Bantu tribes of Africa, Amazon tribes, Pol Pot, Japanese whalers, Mao Tse Tung,Karl Marx, Groucho Marx, the Inuits, the UNHCR, European Court of Human Rights, readers of The Sun, The Telegraph,The Grauniad, The Daily Mail?

    Truly, you do amaze me. You seem to live in such a tiny closed world, never venturing, indeed never having ventured outside of the four walls of your home, your place of work or even your mind. (Well obviously you go/went from home to work.) You need to break free and cast aside the shackles of convention. Open your mind to the alternative sights, sounds and opinions that are out there.

    I have a dream that one day, on this site, you will propose an original idea. Je vive en espoir.

  20. Sipu, take my advice: don’t bother to consider that you are mistaking your big, wide world for reality. The shackles belong to you, my friend. Take them off and live more dangerously.

  21. Janus, that wont do as an answer. You have yet to say anything remotely interesting, controversial, or original. It is just your constant schoolboy response of ‘I am right and you are wrong’. Somewhere inside that head of yours are two halves of an idea, longing to meet up to shake hands and go out into the world together. I am convinced of it. But you must give them the encouragement they need.

  22. Now now. Play nicely you two. Bearsy is still hors de combat and Boadicea is preoccupied.


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  23. O Zangado :

    Now now. Play nicely you two. Bearsy is still hors de combat and Boadicea is preoccupied.


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    Don’t worry, OZ, and Soutie. Janus and I always enjoy this sort of friendly banter. We have been doing it for years.

  24. But Sipu, I don’t want the Trumps “increasing their chances of reproducing”. I’d rather that leopards did not become extinct than that the Trump dynasty continued.

  25. Ah but Sheona, in the great race of human survival, when it comes to what the Trumps do in order to procreate, your wants are of no significance. Your actions maybe, if indeed you take any action. But the mere fact you dislike what they did, means diddly squat! Nature is red in tooth and claw. However, if there were a God, then I am sure the Trumps might have thought twice about their actions, because the fact that God cared would have an impact on their prospects for eternal happiness.

    You see, that is the great thing about not having a God, we don’t have to give a toss what other people think.

  26. O Zangado :

    Now now. Play nicely you two. Bearsy is still hors de combat and Boadicea is preoccupied.


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    OZ, I have to feed the ravenous demands of our African wildman! 🙂

  27. Btw, I thought Soutie was class monitor this week. Oh, yes, I remember, he’s closeted judging pomes today! 😮

  28. Sipu, I’d go for the other point of view. If there is a God, then I can leave the Trump boys’ punishment up to him.

  29. It is all very well leaving it to God but there is no immediacy, we will all be dead long before it happens!
    I prefer a good imprecation and curse for ensuing bad luck and karma.
    Much more satisfactory!

  30. Oh it’s quite fun trying to imagine which section of Dante’s Inferno they will end up in, Christina.

  31. I’m not so sure about the afterlife, so Hell on Earth would do it for me.

    Janus @ 35 – The “African Wildman” is akshully a sweetie, as I am sure you know.


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