The NZ series’

Today is the 1st day of the 3 match test series over in New Zealand. (You can listen to NZ radio commentary here)

Dunedin’s University Oval at 45° South is the most southerly international cricket venue in the world and as one would expect today’s start was delayed by rain, which is rather frustrating considering that I stayed up till 11.30pm to watch the first ball. The morning session was rained out, I passed out to awake with The Proteas at 90/4 and that after being 86/1 at tea!

It’s been a rather nice tour, we’ve called it the 333 tour (3 T20’s, 3 ODI’s and 3 tests) a pleasing format.

Wiki tells me that Dunedin is nicknamed ‘The Edinburgh of the South.’ Dunedin is of course more well known for it’s Carisbrook rugby stadium (The house of pain) a ground which the Springboks had never won at ’till a famous victory back in 2008.

(Play starts 9:30pm GMT)

No it doesn’t! Play will start 30 minutes early on day 2 (9:00pm GMT) to make up for time lost to today’s rain.

12 thoughts on “The NZ series’”

  1. (cough) Soutie, what’s that litle ‘ doing at the end of series in your headline? 😮

  2. Soutie, g’morgen! So the success of the serieses would be the serieses’ success? 😉

  3. Having won the first two serieses (2-1 and 3-0) the final series is seriously the series that matters. Certainly a series win in the tests giving us a clean sweep of the serieses’ would be super!

    On a more serious note I think that 3-0 in the tests would elevate The Proteas to No.1 in the test rankings, perfect for the upcoming England tour.

  4. When Protea plays against Fern
    For a Saffa win I tend to yearn.
    But this time in Dunedin,
    It’s a home win ‘we’re’ needin’,
    And the Black Caps doing ‘us’ a good turn.

    Hi Soutie. I had high hopes when I went to bed last night having watched Boult’s last wicket gem of an innings and the two SA wickets going down early.

    I see that Kallis and Smith have worked their magic and that a draw is probably now the best that ‘we’ can hope for.

  5. Howzit JM

    Ha ha ha, wishful thinking!

    Having sneaked the T20’s, whitewashed them in the ODI’s and now a mile ahead in today’s test nothing less then 3 nil will satisfy me.

    The Black caps are going to need 400+ facing our bowling barrage all of whom will be sending the ball down at 140 kph or more.

    There is no doubt that the ‘gap’ is huge, all Kiwi supporters should be on their knees praying for rain,that is all that can save then from a severe thrashing over the next 3 weeks.

  6. Smith’s declared to early again, setting the Kiwis ‘only’ 400 with ±130 overs left in the game is far to generous. He should have pushed it to 450 and left them ±110 overs.

    Good grief he himself has just notched up a ton as have Kallis and Rudolph what on earth makes him think that they can’t put together a couple of big scores?

    Then again as Bearsy points out here I should perhaps learn to trust Smith’s judgement

  7. Ja well, it’s rained all day and the match has been called off and declared a draw.

    I’ve no doubt that both Graeme Smith and Gary Kirsten were aware of the weather forecast when deciding on their generous 4th day declaration (I obviously wasn’t :()

    So. apologies to Graeme and the management, they were, I guess hoping for a day 4 NZ collapse, never mind on to Hamilton (this Thursday, my Wednesday night) and hopefully better weather!

  8. Hello Soutie,

    Commiserations on your lost chance. I didn’t see much of this test, only a small part of, I think it was day three. This was when Smith and Kallis were on song. Memorable at the time (on UK Sky Sports, not sure what channel you were watching) was Ian Smith receiving hot dogs from two schoolkids while he was commentating. Absolutely love cricket.

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