You and I should trust our Captains, Soutie

You were worried that Graeme Smith had declared too soon, and I was equally worried about Michael Clarke’s decision – even more so when Tendulka and Laxman had taken the Indians over halfway in the run chase for the loss of only three wickets.

But I was wrong, and following Clarke’s astonishing/well-deserved/fluky dismissal of the Little Master and Hilfenhaus’ elimination of Laxman, I felt I could relax a bit.   The Indian tail wagged far too well by putting on another 120 or so, but we were still 68 ahead when the tenth wicket fell.  Plus an innings, and a day to play it in, of course.

Looks like your guys are well on track to deliver your own innings win on day four, so Graeme turns out to be as astute as Michael – and we armchair tragics should have confidence and STFU!! 😆

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

6 thoughts on “You and I should trust our Captains, Soutie”

  1. Ha ha

    When you’ve just watched your team bat for a day and a half and rack up 580 runs at over 4 runs to the over setting a follow on target of ‘only’ 380 didn’t seem enough. Particularly when Samaraweera (102) and Sangakkara (108) have just hit tons the week before on a not so friendly batting track.

    I still feel that a 4:20pm declaration (leaving at least an hours play) with an additional 50/60 runs would have been the better decision.

    As you say it all turned out roses but against England in the summer and your lot later in the year I still prefer my perhaps more conservative approach.

    Having said that, we’ve bounced back well from the Durban loss and as Pup said this morning in his aftermatch interview about his Aussie side it’s similarly been a tremendous team effort by our guys.

    (Now if only Smith would stop wafting outside his offstump…)

  2. Right. Apologies for being off topic. Is it possible for my comments not to be subjected to an airport style security check on here? If not, I may as well forget the whole thing.

    Bleuebelle, please respond to Boadicea in the post entitled “A Note on Moderation”.

  3. Ha ha (again ;))

    See, what did I tell you?

    But what a farce it is when events such as this happen, we were suggesting that there should be a mechanism (as in golf) where the runs could have been conceded! Mark down 2 extras, open the bar and move on.

    Failing that, our thoughts were to send out Boucher and Steyn to open. If I were the SL captain I’d have perhaps had 6 slips and 3 gullies and told my bowler to bowl a leg stump half volley 🙂

    As it turned out the winning two runs were scored off a no-ball, resulting in the SA innings closing on 2 runs without an official ball being bowled! 😕

  4. It took me a while to read the Cricinfo scorecard and understand what had happened!
    Great stuff! 😀

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