Positively dying

Managed to return last Wednesday only to retreat to my pit till now.

The combined effects of running like a maniac for three weeks, acute bursitis in three joints, jet lag and the flu, a present from my sister, has rendered me totally bedridden.

Feel like total death without being warmed over so to speak!

The house in Pembs was left in much worse condition than I had thought possible, the bloody tenants had an epileptic child who had managed to do unspeakable things to the walls and the bloody agents gave them their deposit back?  Plus the damp was much worse, so great organisation of builders and decorators etc, key cutting etc etc arrangments for payment, lawyers, as it goes so it went.

As a result of the case in Chancery my friend was awarded a very handsome sum well in the 7 figure range and I should bloody well think so too!  However her lawyer was unimpressive to say the least, so I took it upon myself to find a replacement specialist in contentious probate.  So we had to run round interviewing new lawyers but managed to find one with whom I was satisfied the day before I left.  It was very important to me that I was satisfied as I really don’t want to have to come back and sort that heap of crap out AGAIN!  I love her dearly but twins aged 4 and an 8 year old are not my idea of house companions.  She always used to have a nanny but times have been hard, first thing has to be rehire!!!

So there was lots of unexpected running to and fro, thank God for the BMW as I shuttled from Swansea to Pembs to Carms about a zillion times.

Saw a lot of old friends and turned up on a lot of farm yards unexpectedly for a quick hello/goodbye/glad you’re still alive/cup of tea. (Hope I didn’t wreck the bottom of the car!).  That was good but apart from that it struck me that the UK was the most down at heel slatternly sort of place I have seen in years, everything was so mucky and dirty looking, much worse than it was and the litter is absolutely disgusting, especially in England.  The wogs in Cardiff were disgusting, the smell quite nauseous and of course they have spread like the plague!

Quite amusing in Swansea, called off the first of a taxi rank who was far Eastern who didn’t know where the address was, told him his fortune and bawled for a local boyo who knew his town in no uncertain terms, caused great mirth and entertainment from the locals, the driver being so entertained he even carried my cases into Brenda’s house, quite unheard of.  Mind you I think an apparition in an Arctic fox hat and coat shouting the odds about the fucking wogs, chinks, slants etc who shouldn’t even hold a taxi license and couldn’t tell Plasmarl from plastic helped some, Oh well,they needed cheering up.

I did note that everyone was moaning and bitching about the wogs in no uncertain terms, much less circumspect than in the past in their choice of language guess people are finally getting fed up with the parasites.

The prices were eye watering, God knows how anyone lives anymore.  I did notice many rather expensive cars in the Aldi car park though and I gather Tesco’s is right out of favour with many people.

All in all lovely to see all my friends but not the place, I have firmly invited them all to see me on holiday whenever and for as long as they want as I have absolutely no intention of having to return, too depressing for words. Well all except upper Carmarthenshire, I could disappear in there and never re-emerge South of Llandeilo!

Meanwhile I am very busy being ill with three small furry bodies disposed about the bed as living hot water bottles. Phone my sister daily so that we can commiserate and cough in unison.

Author: christinaosborne

Landed on one side safely.

15 thoughts on “Positively dying”

  1. And you thought the UK was going to the dogs. well this just proved you to be completely right it is.

    Time we shot ALL the MP’s and imposed martial law or gave control to the queen, and I am not a royalist.

    Hope you get better soon.

  2. CO, that was wonderful. Thank you. I am sorry to hear that you are not well, but I somehow get the feeling that you are not taking it too badly. Such a tirade requires energy, determination and no shortage of good humour all of which you displayed in spades. I trust Spousal Unit is attending your every need.

    Don’t be too despondent about the state of affairs in Blighty. The whole world is heading down hill, though some countries, regions even, are more advanced than others. We are all in this together.

    Get well soon and I look forward to hearing more from you. xx

  3. Hello Christina, it’s good to see you back.
    I can sympathise with your post. I’ve had the “pleasure” over
    the past week of seeing so much litter, and the litterers doing what they did mit absicht that
    it made me gag. One was taking out filthy papers, of a soft variety, and tearing them up bit by bit
    to toss around while looking at everyone with contempt. Then there are the spitters… The pieces
    of filth that spit like camels, but with less class. The mobile phone whores — the ones who seem
    to think that we all have so little going on in our lives that we simply cannot live without hearing them
    talk about which men they’d like to wrap their legs around. I also saw a fight — two young gangster-type
    thugs ganging up on an old, obviously unstable, man. My god, Christina, the stench! It smells so bad here.
    Faeces smeared on walls, urine everywhere. Vomit at bus stops and the odour of people who should be interred at special facilities for their own — and our own — good who defecate on themselves only to wash it down with a good stream of their own urine. San Francisco is such a wonderful place, isn’t it?

  4. Chris, I presume this is SF you are talking about? All cities are disgusting by definition these days. I suppose those full of queers and gangs even worse. I’m too lucky being up here with the drive safely mined, frankly if I never emerged again it would be too soon.
    When do you go North? I doubt they piss and shit on themselves up there, the icicles in the trousers would be too hard to manage!!!!

    I do hope we get our Armageddon soon, well overdue in my book, need a good culling and sort out.

    Sipu, spousal unit is chief bearer of hot toddies!

    rr roll on the revolution, when do we get our ‘Arab spring’? You can bet the bastards in Westminster would play the Assad game, anything to hold onto office.

  5. Dogs are perfectly splendid in this sort of situation, so I’m sure you will recover, Tina.

    Hot toddies, help, of course but you don’t sound as though you are about to expire just yet!

  6. Google reckons: “There are varied accounts of the origins of the hot toddy. Popular thinking holds that the hot toddy came from Britain by way of India. In India, the juice of certain palm trees was called tari. This juice was made into a dark, sweet alcoholic drink. The English in India at the time replicated the drink by using spices, fruit, and alcohol and introduced it to Britain.”

  7. CO: yes, that is San Francisco. Quite disgusting. Some cities are still bearable, Copenhagen, Kaohsiung, and Hong Kong among them. Others have devolved into little more than over-rated circuses and freak shows relying more on their historic reputation than any sort of present-day reality.

    I will move out of San Francisco in about 2 months, to the California countryside — a county dominated by old Italian and Serbian farming families. In August it’s off to l’Étoile du Nord. More specifically, a city dominated by old German and Scandinavian Lutheran families that dislike things being too much out of the ordinary.

    Hopefully you recover soon. At the moment I’m nursing bad allergies. I rarely take medication, but the inflammation is so bad this time that I cannot breathe without taking pills. The side-effects leave me a bit groggy.

  8. I think you will find that when you move North that the allergies will probably trouble you less. The species that cause the most trouble, the false cedars will not grow that far north. Will be interesting to see.

  9. CO: I’m allergic to mould, primarily. It’s terrible in San Francisco. Strangely, it barely affected me in Hawai’i where it’s also very common.

  10. Chris it would have been a different mould, there are literally thousands if not millions of sub varieties of the wretched things. One thing, you should not be so troubled by those either up North. Think of all those Lutheran housewives declaring war with their spray bottles of bleach!

  11. CO – I have to say for a woman lying ill in bed you write exceedingly well. Where else would we hear such entertaining stuff about the natives – the taxi story is wonderfully liberating to read. You tell it as it is! Do get better soon and milk the attentions of spousal unit and your four-legged friends.

  12. CO: I’m still here and fully concur regarding the litter and lowlife. I was obliged to visit several of the more famous sights while in London last week ( the first mate had never seen the “major attractions” ) while at “The Tower” we hardly heard an English word spoken and it seemed the major voices were Central European, not too many French or Germans. Get well soon Mrs C.

    Christopher: I will try to post about my navigation of the London sights sometime in the next few days but would recommend “The London Pass” if you intend to visit more than a few, the entry prices are eyewatering (Westminster Abbey 19 pounds per person for example)

  13. LW nice to have ratification of one’s prejudices!

    Am just about out of bed for half the day, but no longer, this really has been one of the worst colds/flu bugs I have ever had, quite dreadful, must have been an import from some noisome third world location!
    As you realise I am obliged to blame some offshore malefactor. Bet you’ll be glad to get back to the Tidewater!!

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