Unexpected visitor

Unexpected visitor

The Sinfonia was in town yesterday. It is most unusual for cruise liners to berth here in The Eastern Cape, most cruise operators take their guests to Cape Town and the more tropical Durban, I’d be surprised if we have more than a handful of visits each calendar year. This visit has a sad if somewhat humorous story to it.

On the left is the intended route, a trip that my family and I did a few years ago, it’s great fun, a great holiday and one that I always recommend to my friends if and when asked.

The problem with this trip (departing Durban 24th Jan) is that Cyclone Funso is currently causing havoc up the East African coast, resulting in a forced change of route. (See also my ‘Elephants in trouble – Kruger National Park‘ post to get an idea of the rain that has fallen recently)

The Sinfonia was redirected here. Guess what?

There are quite a few holidaymakers on board from right here in the Eastern Cape / Port Elizabeth. That’s correct, these poor individuals either drove the 900km or flew to Durban, boarded the liner for their holiday only to be brought home and offered a guided tour of their home town!

We watched her departure last evening, I was down at the beachfront having a couple of beers with my father as the Sinfonia set sail. We watched her leave the harbour, sail along the far side of the bay where she would round Woody Cape and head north for Durban. No doubt the ‘local’ passengers would disembark sort out their travel arrangements and return to where they’d just left!

A friend of mine left for Durban yesterday to join her next cruise (Jan 28) which has a similar itinerary, here’s hoping he has better luck!

News report here.

4 thoughts on “Unexpected visitor”

  1. Hi Soutie, The Queen Mary 2, sailed into Cape Town a couple of days ago. She dwarfs the other cruise ships. Beautiful sight.

  2. Morning Sipu, the QM2 wouldn’t fit in our harbour 😦

    You’ve reminded me of a visit by the QE ll, she was sailing Cape Town / far east (or vice versa) and came into the bay for a sightseeing visit. Perhaps part of one of those many jubilee, anniversary or commonwealth celebrations. We all knew that she was coming in for a sail past (also too big for our harbour) came in, allowed the photo opportunities and sailed off.

    Talking about flying visits, the Red Arrows overflew us once! They could have been part of the Queens visit back in the ’90’s. They were flying from Cape Town to Durban (or vice versa!) but put on a bit of a show as they overflew PE.

    Once again it was well publicised, half of PE turned out for something that was all over in perhaps 5 minutes, great stuff!

  3. If you see a flight of planes today, it will probably be Jacob Zuma’s convoy, accompanying him to Davos or some other exotic location!

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