Costa Concordia

Oh alright. somebody had to do it (and thank you Zen)

I went and bought a ticket for the Costa Concordia lotto. What’s to lose? It was a rollover last week.

Seriously now, it appears that ‘class actions’ for damages are now imminent, which is not surprising bearing in mind that the parent company is apparently ‘Me-ri-can. Frankly, I’m surprised the lawyers weren’t camping out in the lifeboats in the first place and I’m astonished it took them so long to surface….as it were.  However, my point is, is such an accident (for that is what it was notwithstanding the actions of the captain and crew) worth 100,000 dollars in ‘compensation’ for anyone who survived the discomfort of sitting in a lifeboat for ten minutes and millions for the relatives of those who didn’t, or is it just the get-rich-quick culture pursuing sod’s law for gains? Discuss.


Author: O Zangado

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14 thoughts on “Costa Concordia”

  1. Oz, a good point. Those who appointed the Captain must ultimately bear responsibility, surely. The scale of damages, who knows? Once the lawyers get in it’s la-la land.

  2. I can’t say I was surprised to hear about the class actions, OZ. I cannot say I would blame the passengers for wanting some sort of financial recompense for their lost belongings or the sudden termination of their holiday. Some of them had only just set foot on the ship!

  3. Did each of the passengers have 100,000 dollars worth of property on board? I think not. The ambulance chasers4U are out in force.


  4. OZ….I think it will be many years before all the facts are ascertained…there are so many different stories coming out. The greed will out in the end, it’s human nature…not the best part either.

  5. It may even be ascertained that there were more ‘passengers’ on the claims list than were actuallly on the ship’s manifest. Anyhow, how come an Italian liner can hit a reef when it has one forward gear and six reverse?


  6. I dispute it was an accident, more like reckless endangerment.
    I would have doubted that they would get 100,000, lets say half of that by the time its finished.
    Not unreasonable at all for that fiasco.
    I wouldn’t settle for less.
    The aggravation of losing beloved jewellery, passport, decent clothing/accessories/shoes etc would be worth
    a fair bit let alone the value of the items.
    Class action suits rarely max out the payments but are far more likely to ensure that you get something.
    That is how it appears to go here.

  7. If you were stupid enough to sign up for a cruise in the first place, would you be even more stupid as to load “beloved jewellery, passport, decent clothing/accessories/shoes etc” as well? You may have gathered I do not like cruises, don’t like the sea either.


  8. Well I wouldn’t go either OZ I too hate the sea but I think you are more likely to have expensive accoutrements on a cruise rather than on other holidays. I have always been put off cruises by the thought of having to be at close quarters with people who were not ‘convenable’. I spend a lot of time keeping away from irritants! Detest holidays. Once had to move islands to flee from peasants!

    And yes, I always travel with my jewellery, always have. Differing pieces for different outfits. The value soon mounts up. I don’t do beach holidays.
    When I was in a fire in a hotel in Memphis I exited naked in a fur coat with my passport and jewellery stuffed in my pockets, no intention of losing any of that stuff!
    Not that I would have left it behind had I been on that boat. There is no way I would have believed the reassurances of the crew that there was nothing wrong. But many didn’t have the sense to go straight to their cabins and rescue their valuables and consequently lost them.

  9. I like the style Tina, no knickers and fur coat, jewellery spilling out of your pockets….I just don’t like holidays full stop and I never did.

    BTW Tina, with over four thousand on board, you never see the person you went with.

    Hi OZ…love the comments on MyT….the place is abysmal at the moment.

  10. Rosie – You know I am The Chariot’s tame wolf and would never resort to bad language or abuse except to provoke the MyT Mods into a reaction on the Dark Side. Bearsy and Boadicea run the type of site MyT ought to be, but isn’t. I am very relaxed here but need my ears tickling occasionally.


  11. I love the sea, and have enjoyed several cruises. It’s very easy to ignore people one doesn’t like and to take space out. Get a book – any book and keep reading…

    Like Christina, there’s no way I’d leave precious belongings behind. When the safety blurb on the airlines tells me that I should leave my ‘possessions’ behind in case of emergency I mentally tell them to think again. There’s no way I’d leave my bag, with passports, cash, credit cards, limited jewellery and other stuff which I keep on the floor at my feet, behind.

  12. Try this for size: the ship’s owners have offered the survivors 30% off the price of their next cruise! Is that cynicism or wha’?

    Boa, I agree about carrying invaluable stuff at all times on holiday. The same with hotel evacuations – which I’ve tried.

  13. Janus I agree, that is an insult, not the amount but the offer. Imagine it

    “We nearly killed you last time, now come back and for a third off we will do better.”

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