Frizzy fur

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Feckin’ disgrace

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Author: O Zangado

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15 thoughts on “Frizzy fur”

  1. Utter stupid nonsense is my first reaction, OZ. I’m sure he would have come to no harm whatsoever, had they allowed him to sit in the cockpit.

    But, I blame all this on the Americans, actually. We have allowed this litigious habit to become all common here in the UK. There are no accidents any more, someone is always to blame and too many lawyers encourage this behaviour. Hence the absurd Health and Safety rules are the only defence

    When I broke my ankle at Henley Festival, due to someone inadvertently nudging me off the duck-board, everyone advised me to sue. No, it was an accident, and had I not been wearing a ridiculous pair of high heels the outcome may have been a mere sprain.

  2. The man flew the Spitfire in combat during WWII and now some spotty elf ‘n’safety jobsworth tells him he can’t even sit in the cockpit? My fur is well and truly frizzed.


  3. Well I laughed when I first read this.

    I mean really laughed, how ridiculous can it get? I’ve often stated that not much surprises me about the ridiculous nanny state interventions in ordinary peoples lives, this didn’t, I’m surprised that the old chap (91) is allowed out of his house for fear that he might trip and hurt himself!

    I’m quite sure that Mr Carter understands his limitations at 91 and acts accordingly.

    Ara is concerned about the ‘litigation culture.’ Surely simple indemnity forms could be available at attractions to not only indemnify the owners but also to identify potential dangers and bring them to the notice of any willing participants (as in bungee jumping ;))

  4. I’m sure you do have to sign some sort of “blood chit”, Soutie, for bungee jumping and other dangerous pursuits, but I don’t think they are worth much, legally. I think you could still sue, if you were so inclined, or your next of kin could. 😉

  5. I agree Ara, most “sign here please” disclaimers aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

    More evidence of the continued demise of this dis United Kingdom. Poor old fella.

  6. Well then an act of Parliament must be passed that allows this.

    A rather simple piece of legislation, a document (perhaps a mere couple of hundred pages) which makes it quite clear to the legislature and judiciary that if the approved form (Gov number such and such) is completed in triplicate, signed by the participant initialed next to 6 or perhaps 7 important paragraphs, signed by a Commissioner of Oaths and duly lodged and notorised at the relevant Health and Safety office that NO claims will be considered under ANY circumstances.

    There, how difficult can that be 😕

    Now lets allow Mr. Carter up into the cockpit 🙂

  7. Sipu – What the Guardianistas are ignoring is the elephant in the room. Elf ‘n’ Safety is generally a good thing provided it is not abused. I remember years ago that Liverpool City Council announced that it would no longer entertain claims from ‘victims’ claiming to have ‘tripped over a paving flag’. There is also video of a police sting in the USA where potential ‘victims’ were seen leaping onto a bus the police had deliberately crashed in order to claim compensation.


  8. OZ: Why would any US police force want to claim compensation for a bus crash? 🙂

    A recent case here in Philadelphia had a service bus with eight passengers involved in an accident, according to the police report. Later, claims were submitted to the city by twenty people saying they were on the bus and injured.

  9. Whilst the USA has the worst claims culture, the UK is FAR worse on the health and safety claptrap.

  10. PS Many courts here throw these claims out as specious nonsense and refuse to hear them. What the UK gets to hear about particularly are the medical claims settlements and if you saw the bills you would know why. So very easy to run up a 6 figure bill in a week or so flat.

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