Monday, 9th January

Well, that’s it! 2011 has been and gone, as have all the festive guests, and even the NSW has returned to work today, so I am rattling around The Cave like a spare part with only a mountain of laundry for company.

Being at somewhat of a loose end, may I remind all Charioteers that apart from being the festival days of Santa Marciana and Sáo Julião, next Monday, 9th January also marks the WOLF MOON of 2012, albeit somewhat earlier than last year. No doubt Bearsy and Ferret could explain to a thick wolf why this should be – oscillations in orbits, changes in the axix of rotation of the respective bodies and suchlike?

During last year I came across a marvellous site provided by an excellent photographer playing games with the Moon Laurent Lavader. He sounds a bit French to me, but no matter. Well worth a visit.

So, belated greetings for 2012 from me and the NSW. Don’t forget to have a howl with me on Monday night wherever you are in the world. It’s good for the soul, y’know.


Author: O Zangado

Just loping around. Extremely fond of roast boar in particular, meat in general and cooking on the barbie. Fish is good too.

12 thoughts on “Monday, 9th January”

  1. We are lucky here, very little night light from humans to spoil the sky. We can see the heavens very clearly, the moon always rises over our mountain at the back of us and casts a strange reflected light before it arrives, (as does the sun) Rather jolly in a ghostly sort of way.
    Can’t do wolves here but a good line in coyotes, not that they are around in the winter or at least not making any noise about it! Summer nights can be quite deafening!
    They must be around on second thoughts, the neighbour’s chickens get picked off with regularity and the dogs roar round in the morning with hackles up checking out all the local smell trails of night visitors.

    Happy Monday night and a good munch on a raw live chicken should sort you out!

  2. Hello OZ: No magic about the shifting Wolf moon. The moon cycle is about 27.3 days and it does not fit well into the typical year (365 days) there are 13 complete moon cycles (355 days almost) and that leaves 11 days over in most years so the first full moon moves back by 11 days each year. This year being a leap year it will move by 12 days, so that full moon it will slide into 2012 (by 2 days) and the next full moon will be 27.3 days later on the 25th January 2013 and will be the Wolf Moon for 2013. OK?

  3. And if one could subtract 355 from 365 and get 11 that would all make sense. It obviously reverts by 10 days in a normal year and 11 in a leap year. making January 24th 2013 for the next Wolf Moon.

    Ah! well back to cooking the dinner.

  4. Christina – Same here. A clear sky under which you can almost read a book. Coyotes are (almost) cousins but do not talk to me of foxes nor (shudder!) dogs. Thank you for your kind wishes re raw chicken. I shall go and have a lope far from my neighbours’ coops.

    LW – That’s exactly the kind of scientific detail that makes me howl 🙂 Think I’ll stick to raw chicken. All the best and I look forward to the spring unveiling of the boat.


  5. Janus :

    Oz, it’s kind of you to remember who really started all this January stuff!

    Well you made me go and look!

    God of the doorway eh? 😕

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