58 thoughts on “Christmas Playlist”

  1. Since FEEG got in first both with Gaudete and Stille Nacht, I went searching for my next favourite…

    It really annoys me that ‘musicians’ mess around with the traditional melody and stick in warbles and wobbles, and change the whole ethos of the carols that I remember.

    I was shopping last week and thought that I recognised something that was being played over the PA. After a great deal of concentration, I realised that the song was “God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen” – a joyous piece of music if ever there was one! The original meaning of a ‘Carol’ was to sing or dance joyously. This version was a dirge. Rather than being a celebration it was music to slit your wrists by… I left the shop!

    I searched for some time to find a version of this carol that approximated to my memory – no warbles or wobbles – except at the end.

    Well done the Edinburgh singers!

  2. Right then, you’re all probably going to want to kill me for this but probably my favourite Christmas song of all time is this one.

    I know it’s Geldorf of whom I’m not a fan and originally created to help with famine relief in East Africa of which I generally couldn’t care less but it does remind me of those less fortunate than me and my family right here in my home town and country. Plus I like the tune!

  3. Oh dear Ferret – I’ve obviously got ‘funny ears’! I found the male ‘singer’ on the Pogues etc to be no singer at all!

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – it would seem that good singers are in the ears of the listener 🙂


    No one will ‘kill you’ for your choice!

    It may be odd considering that I’m not a Christian – but I don’t count songs, like White Christmas, Little Drummer and all the other offerings along with your choice as really relating to Christmas at all. They seem to me to be yet another attempt to make money. 🙂

  4. I’m no christian either, but the church took over the older festival anyway and I am a completely shameless sentimentalist at this time of the year. The christmas tree always goes up on stir-up Sunday, and we stir the christmas duff as a family – though this year my stir of the mixture was done by my grandchildren on my behalf, via facetime 🙂

    This is a favourite, and I do like this version, with its ascending key changes – it’s even better on the LP, (What?) I have.

  5. Nice one Bravo, but being a traditionalist, I prefer it in Latin –

    And there’s some nice brass for Ferret. 🙂

  6. FEEG and Ferret beat me to it, dammit. ‘Stille Nacht’ in the original German

    is a classic, as is ‘Fairytale of New York’

    But may i add a contemporary (?)

    And if you will permit me that one-hit wonder I personally promise to go round and tear the throat out of anyone who posts a YouTube of Wizzard, Cliff Richard or Johnny ‘Effin’ Mathis.


  7. Lovely! Thanks for that Bearsy. Thank you also for “Adeste Fidelis”. Now my Latin is a bit rusty but my German isn’t. So when I hear “Ehre sei Gott” in the middle, I notice we’ve left the Latin behind.

  8. Sheona – I tried hard to find a version that just had (all) the Latin verses, preferably pronounced in “English Latin”, but although there were many that started in Latin, there weren’t any that finished in it. There was English Latin, German Latin, Polish Latin, Italian Latin and even Finnish Latin but all reverted to native before the end.

    So I plumped for the German one because I liked the brass and am not adverse to the sound of the carol in German. 😀

  9. We are doing some wonderful things at concert next week; it is one of the nicest times of year to be a teacher.
    Btw…sigh; awkward fidgety silence. Can I come back…?

  10. Oh for goodness sake, I don’t know what I did wrong there, but you can delete it, cos it is a crap Christmas song. Sorry.

    Ha ha, no, I wanted to have a look and thought others should see what you consider ‘crap’
    Soutie 🙂

  11. Bah Humbug! Bloody xmas, nothing but an excuse to spend too much money on presents for people you don’t like and spend time with relatives you see once a year, watch crap on TV, eat too much food and drink, constantly do the washing up and as for the continuous stream of adverts on TV and stupid xmas songs piped out over radios and shops’ PA systems constantly, it’s a relief for the New Year to arrive. Once the kids are over the myth of St Nics the point of it all is wasted on me really.

    Remind me, what is the point?

    As for the selection of xmas songs – lovely sentiments I’m sure, but as I don’t believe in a God the carols are irrelevant, the rest are just an excuse to make money, and, why do we need a day specially put to one side to remind ourselves of all the good things humans are meant to do – surely there are 364 other days we can be “good” humans? Like I can love my wife on every other day of the years as well as Feb 14th!

    I’ll be working on the day as usual and glad to be. (and on my birthday, and on New Year’s Eve)

  12. That reminds me of something I overheard yesterday in a shop in Liverpool…
    A woman came along, happily filling her trolley with tinsel, twigs, holly; the usual stuff; followedm a minute later, by a man, out of breath, screeching at his teenage daughter; ‘Quickke… stop yeh mutha. She’s buyin’ everytin she seees…’
    A couple of minutes later, they are at the till. ‘Am I the only one gerrin’ ento Christmus..?’ huffs the wife.’Snot a queschun of gerrin into christmus,’ snaps her husband. ‘S’queschun of buyin cdappe…’
    But it did make me wonder how many households were having the same conversation, albeit in different dialects and accents, all over the country…? 🙂

  13. Bleuebelle – that’s one of my favourites too, but that’s an awful version. No spark. It’s meant to be joyful, not a slow dirge! 😦

  14. Yes, it is a bit solemn, all things considered 😉
    Perhaps it is the rose tinge of nostalgia, but I cannot find anything that is remotely up to the standard of my school’s chamber choir, circa 1992.
    We did Britten and in Dulci Jubilo, and lots more, and they felt sort of spicy and warm and playful, and nothing that is out there online sounds like that…
    School choirs are always the best at Christmas, I think. 🙂

  15. I remember this one, too; when all the teachers sang it, at a school concert which took place in the bleak midwinter at my school, despite the teachers’ strikes.
    It was much warmer and more sort of full bodied than this version; it sort of lit up the darkness of the night. Then again, maybe that is just how it seemed to me at the time. 🙂

  16. Another classic.

    Poor Ol’ Cuprum you have the humbugs and bad buddy.

    I agree with a lot of what you say, specially why the church decided it was going to get the monopoly on a perfectly good excuse for a piss-up. If you ask me, it was a bit selfish of the big JC to get himself born at Xmas, almost ruined the whole damn thing for those of us who don’t believe in him. 😉

    The best bit about it for me is a whole two weeks off work, but I see you don’t even get that. Merry Xmas all the same chum. 🙂

  17. Anyone at all got any ideas on how I can share an audio file? (Tried downloading windows live services so I could convert it to video but it won’t install – surprise, surprise.)

  18. Hello Bravo: You can use You Tube but they do not accept MP3. You can use Windows Movie Maker (free with XP and later) to convert your music to a video acceptable to You Tube (the use of video content, even a fixed image is optional) If you are feeling ambitious you can even upload a stream from your webcam with the audio.

    You will need a YouTube account (free).

    Here’s a tutorial on Win Movie Maker.


    Good luck.

  19. Greenery free
    OK, tree =$35.
    Box of Christmas cards $5. or so.
    Decorations amortised out over n years
    Turkey cheaper than any other meat round here
    All food items made at home so no extra expense.
    Expenditure on presents= nil.
    I can’t drink or smoke any more than I do as usual.
    Never go shopping in Dec, downtown full of dreadful people carrying on, dreadful potted festive dirges assaulting the ears and nowhere to park!

    Actually Christmas is cheaper than most other times of the year.
    Re-educate your family, everyone has too much ‘stuff’!

    Most carols are played far too slowly, positively ground out.

    Maybe cuprum could find a deal on some cheap land mines for his front garden?

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