A great night out

Yesterday, Mrs FEEG and I caught the train to London and had a decent nosh in a Cafe Rouge chain restaurant in town.  After that, we caught a tube to Earls Court and went to the British Military Tournament, the revived but somewhat modified Royal Tournament.

You may remember that the treacherous barsteward, Tony Blair, cancelled the original one, ostensibly on the grounds of costs, but really because it conflicted with his ideas of Britain as a part of Europe!

We had seen a Royal Tournament before it was cancelled so could compare directly. The main elements were all there, the horse, massed bands, demonstrations of military tactics and so on. It was themed on the “Special Relationship with the USA” and had some very good displays from the US Army, and diplomatically they forgot to mention that they always turn up late for World Wars :-). There was even a Field Gun Race which, held between two teams of Sea Cadets from Wellington College using half sized guns, was still exciting. Since the idea of all this was to raise money for Military Charities, it was all very worth while and money well spent. In spite of all the cuts the UK military is still extremely capable and competent.

I hope David Cameron has seen this, since he saw fit to write a foreword in the program. We need the military more than ever so STOP CUTTING MILITARY EXPENDITURE AND MAKE CUTS WHERE THEY SHOULD BE MADE!

3 thoughts on “A great night out”

  1. I always enjoyed watching the Royal Tournament on TV, but it no longer seems to be broadcast. More pc from the BBC?

  2. Dammit, when I was having me tubes reamed a couple of months ago, I used to get off the bus to get on the tube at Earls Court nearly every day – saw the posters advertising the event and now I’m stuck here in Almaty, Bugrit!

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