COP17 – Durban


Nestling on the shores of the Indian Ocean, Durban is the holiday place of choice for probably more South Africans than anywhere else. It’s subtropical climate and warm waters almost guaranteeing a holiday free from the vagaries of the weather.

Durban is a relatively short 4 hour drive from Johannesburg with multi-lane highways and dual carriageways the whole way, making it relatively close and convenient.

Which suits me, I find the annual migration of holidaymakers to my small part of the world an absolute nuisance, Durban can have them. but I digress, Durban is the venue for this year’s Climate Change Christmas Party and would you believe no fewer then 15,000 partygoers ‘delegates’ are expected!

To be honest, I didn’t think that Durban had sufficient 5 star hotels or stretch limousines to accommodate them all, perhaps some are slumming it in the game / safari parks not too far away.

Here’s a few statistics kindly provided by my weekend read…

I bet that you’re all delighted that I didn’t stick that pic on the front page πŸ˜‰


Fortunately I’m far enough away from the whole shebang to be able to continue life as normal. I’ll keep members posted on this weeks scientific breakthroughs and announcements.

26 thoughts on “COP17 – Durban”

  1. Could I ask you for a favour, Soutie? It’s on behalf of the mast majority of people in California.
    Could you possibly, maybe, please keep Schwarzenegger? We’re sure one more person wouldn’t be too much for Suid Afrika. Thank you.

  2. Hello Christopher, I’ll see what I can do, should he stay, he would of course have the ‘advantage’ of being allowed 4 wives πŸ˜‰

  3. The picture of Durban definitely did not cause any offence – very wise not to put the mug-shots on plain view… some of us suffer from high blood-pressure!

    15,000 people flying in to create a lot of hot air about mythical hot-air. Grrrr!

    Still, I shall endeavour to look on the bright side – hopefully the conference will be of some economic benefit to the people of Durban.

    P.S. Do the world a favour and keep them all!

  4. I see that 2,000 bicycles will be available for delegates to ride. I wonder how many will still be accounted for at the end of the conference.

  5. I also notice some there will be some 50,000 taxi-trips… they are obviously not expecting too many delegates to ride a bike.

  6. Any sharks in that inviting looking water? If so, maybe they should all be encouraged to go for a swim!

  7. Yes, I’ve had a quick squiz, Bravo. I find it hard to understand why anyone takes them seriously when they are so clearly as bent as a nine-bob note. πŸ™„

  8. Yes, I did see that you were to be inundated with a bunch of celebs, Soutie. God alone knows why we are supposed to pay any attention to what they say. What is Schwarzenegger’s field of expertise apart from beefcake?

  9. Sheona: corruption. He actually made a deal with the former Speaker of the California State Assembly to commute his son’s murder sentence in exchange for getting some more co-operation from the state parliament.

  10. Hiya Bravo- yes, I’m reading the Climate 2 emails. Absolutely scandalous, and they have the nerve to call AGW ‘science’. Charlatans and taxpayer funded trough-hoggers to a man.


  11. Four-eyed English Genius :

    Any sharks in that inviting looking water?

    FEEG the waters off Durban are full of them, Zambesis, Tigers and the occasional Great White (all man eaters.) All the baches are protected by nets, only 2 attacks in the last 30 years on protected beaches. The Natal Sharks Board have a fine record.

  12. I was dismayed today to see that our Department of Environmental Affairs had a full page add for COP17 in our largest selling Sunday broadsheet, circulation according to wiki 504,000 (they also had one last week!)

    The cost is in the region of R350,000 ($45,000) per ad.

    Besides being a waste of my money, how much paper is that?

    They would of course have to run the ad in the other publications, perhaps another 10 in all 😦

  13. Soutie, my dear chap, you have to understand that the globalmentalists have placed themselves a step beyond lesser mortals, thus absolving themselves from the carbon footprints and rainforest destruction for which they expect the rest os us to pay. Bolleaux to the lot of ’em – hypocrites all.


  14. Hi Soutie

    Sorry for being totally off topic but your post about Durban brought back so many happy memories of our SA trip. I will try very hard not to think about Al Gore and the rest of them infesting the place. They don’t deserve the pleasure of visiting there, in my opinion.

    Firstly, as you say to FEEG, there are definitely a lot of sharks about. Mrs M and I attended one of the frequent Natal Sharks Board dissection sessions at Umhlanga. Absolutely fascinating. For the avoidance of doubt, some sharks were obviously harmed in the process but all of them had been unfortunate victims of the shark nets. It was quite clear to me that the money that they got from us tourists was helping to fund serious research.

    Secondly, I had googled ahead and knew that the great Durban contribution to world cuisine was Bunny Chow. I had to try one and eventually got my wish in a small cafe, again in Umhlanga.

    Thirdly and bestest. I got to watch the mighty Sharks at home in the Currie Cup against the Griquas. Sitting next to Butch James in Gary Teichmann’s box, eating biltong and drinking Windhoek Lager. I was just thinking that it could not get much more memorable when the Flasher Girls appeared.

  15. Bearsy :

    β€œThis video is private.
    If the owner of this video has granted you access, please log in.”

    Not much point in posting it, JM. :cry:

    Och bugrit,

    G’day Bearsy.

    Is that it fixed?

    Thanks, JM! πŸ™‚

  16. It plays for me and jolly nice it is too.

    So what exactly is Bunny Chow? Are we talking rare shark steak here or a runny bunny fillet? Either way, I want one.


  17. Apart from Bearsy’s tsunami what about a nice revolt, a touch of aids, ecoli, black water fever, ebola and anything else that can be found to thin their ranks somewhat.
    Bloody freeloading parasites.

  18. Morning JM

    I’ve spent many a holiday at Umhlanga and Westbrook Beach (the next beach northwards) and well remember the first activity at sunrise out on the water was the Natal Sharks Board boat going out to inspect, clear and repair the nets.

    I’ve always had a huge respect for the job that they do, it’s one of those low profile, unseen routines that a lot of beachgoers probably don’t even think about, but a very vital one.

    Love your bunny chow pic, didn’t realise that they were tourist attractions πŸ˜‰

    A box seat on the halfway line, very nice.

  19. Re Climategate2, I have only just been made aware of the latest leaks.

    As it happens, I actually know the Vice Chancellor of the University of East Anglia, fairly well. Or rather I used to. I did a quick search for his name in the email database and found nothing remotely incriminating, so I am pleased for his sake that he does not appear to be directly involved. However as VC, I imagine he shares a degree of responsibility for the ethical behaviour of the research teams. I know that in 2009 he had to fight some fires with respect to the leaks at that time.

    He is a historian of some repute, but the interesting thing about him is that he has always been very left wing. I always knew him to be very bright but when I last had a conversation with him, about 10 years ago, I was taken aback by the lack of logic he applied to some of his arguments. We discussed two subjects that I recall. Stalin and Maggie Thatcher.

    I wanted to know his thoughts on Mrs Thatcher’s tenure. He spoke with such venom about the lady and that period of British politics that I failed to see how he could possibly present an objective view, which is surely the role of academics and historians.

    I found the same to be true when I asked him about Stalin, one of his areas of expertise. My question was, who did he think was more evil, Hitler or Uncle Joe. The conviction with which said that Hitler was so much more evil astonished me. For a start, it is a silly question that is almost impossible to answer in favour, if that is the right word, of either. They were both utterly evil. I could not help but think that it was the fact that Hitler was labeled a right-wing fascist that gained for him the title of most evil man in history. Stalin, who committed his crimes over a considerably longer period and was responsible a similar number of deaths, however was a communist and this somehow seemed to exonerate him from similar levels of guilt.

    At the time of our discussion, it was generally believed that Stalin had killed far more non-combatants than had Hitler. However, I came across this article which claims that following recent access to Soviet era records, Stalin was ‘only’ responsible for between 6-9 million non-combatant deaths while Hitler’s number was 11-12 million.

    Despite the more recent figures, which based on pure numbers, make Hitler the more evil of the two and therefore add a degree of validity to my friend’s claim, I stand by my argument that one cannot maintain with any degree of confidence that one was considerably more evil than the other.

    My reason for mentioning this is not to bad-mouth a perfectly decent chap and friend, but rather to expose the part that personal convictions play in academia. I think the emails that have been made public demonstrate that point.

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